Charlie Hebdo and the media coverage of its new issue

Charlie Hebdo cover. Photograph: Charlie Hebdo/EPA

When is support not support? No, I am not talking about the Obama administration’s lack of presence at the anti-terrorism rally in Paris (even though it was disgraceful). I’m referring to the refusal of news organizations, over the past few days, to show any past covers of the Charlie Hebdo magazine that depicted the Prophet Muhammad. [Read More...]

Stephen Fry and the Necessity of Mockery

Those who know me, know that I am careful not to ridicule and mock a religious belief just for the sake of doing it. My personal aims have always incorporated making atheism acceptable (well, at least tolerable) to the world, and encouraging atheists to come out of their closets. Hence, the ends of mockery, often do [Read More...]

The Je Suis Charlie Wake-up Call

When will we wake up? Why do we continue to deny religion’s involvement in terrorist attacks when the perpetrators proudly proclaim, “Allahu Akbar?” Of course, the majority of the world’s Muslims are peace loving, and the idiots who claim otherwise should be ridiculed. Nonetheless, to continue to negate fundamentalist Islam’s hegemony of terrorism across the world [Read More...]

Pat Robertson: Beat an atheist for Christmas

Pat Robertson has a neat and nifty suggestion for a newfangled Christmas tradition. Whether you’re still recovering from your Winter Solstice, Festivus, or good old fashioned Christmas celebration, it’s never too early to plan events for next year. Here’s Pat: That’s right, beat an atheist to celebrate the savior’s birth! It’s what the baby Jesus [Read More...]

American Atheists wants an apology from Troy University chancellor

David Silverman, the President of American Atheists, is asking Troy University Chancellor, Jack Hawkins, for an apology. He has done so in a letter written to the Chancellor on the behalf of a student who was troubled by a video Hawkins emailed his staff and to the entire student body. The video in question features [Read More...]

Celibate LGBT Christians

Thankfully, the acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex marriage has been rapidly growing in the United States. Nonetheless, some LGBT Christians, who have been forced to accept that they “were born that way,” are making the choice to become celibate. A recent Washington Post article has reported on this growing movement, and why it is gaining [Read More...]

Making Room for Christian Humanism

The Theist Think Tank has published a 75 page dissertation that seeks to reclaim the word humanism for Christianity, and it is quite an intriguing read. While I take issue with a few of its points, I think it brings attention to fact that many atheists need to educate themselves about the history of humanism, [Read More...]