Mike Huckabee: Ignoring the Supreme Court on Same-Sex Marriage and The Solution to Racism


For a moment, please set aside your theism or atheism. Freedom of religion and the separation of church and state are sacred (pun intended) in the United States. I personally do not care whether my elected officials are religious or nonreligious, but I do expect them to hold their office in a secular fashion. And [Read More...]

Oh, No He Didn’t: Ben Carson’s Supposed Atheist Zinger


A handful of my ultraconservative friends have tried to convince me that Ben Carson is the “right” choice for the White House in 2016. I usually respond that although he seems to be a bright bulb compared to the rest, that’s not really saying much. Look, I know that Carson is quite intelligent. He was a [Read More...]

E.W. Jackson: Churches should arm themselves against anti-Christian views caused by gays, atheists, Obama, etc.


“As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.” – Proverbs 26:11 (KJV) He’s back. And I missed him so. The most popular post on this blog was entitled, “E. W. Jackson: Global Warming, The KKK, And Yoga.” To this day it has been shared nearly 100K times. Part of [Read More...]

The Art of the Deal: Making Donald Trump Palatable To the Religious Right


The Trump machine is working hard to guarantee The Donald has a chance at the Presidency, and one of the primary obstacles will be transforming the mogul into a true friend of the Religious Right. If you haven’t read it already, before he officially jumped into the race, I wrote: “Donald Trump: The Self-Proclaimed New [Read More...]

Beer Pulled From Shelves. What Would Jesus Drink?

Sweet baby

Hey, let’s crank up the Blue Laws to an eleven! A beer has been pulled from the shelves of the Illinois and Ohio based Heinen’s grocery stores. According to Dave Benfield, founder of DuClaw Brewing Compay, it was because of complaints about his beer’s name. Here’s a picture of a six pack: That’s right. Apparently people complained about having [Read More...]

George R. R. Martin on Game of Thrones Deaths


There is an “open letter” which was supposedly written by George R.R. Martin going around the Internet. It is supposed to be his defense as to why he kills off so many of our favorite characters. It is obviously fake, but quite humorous and makes some great points. No spoilers here, but I wasn’t happy [Read More...]

Chesapeake VA Church Sign: Satan and Equal Rights


If you are not familiar with the Bible, Isaiah 14:12-17 tells the story of how “Lucifer, son of the morning,” was cast out of Heaven. It was because he dared to exalt his “throne above the stars of God.” His aim was to “be like the most High.” Well, with all the talk about “equality” lately, a [Read More...]