Screw Nessie, Look Out For the Abdominal Snowman!


Okay. Okay. This is a one man operation, and sometimes I get a little dependent on auto-correct. In my piece yesterday about “Google joining in the search for the Loch Ness Monster” I reminisced about my younger years of watching Spock on “In Search Of,” and my fascination with cryptozoological creatures. Apparently in the process [Read More...]

Google joins the search for the Loch Ness Monster

Surgeon's Photograph

If you have used Google today, you have seen the above image. It is being used to mark the 81st year since this famous “Surgeon’s Photograph” was first published in the Daily Mail (April 21, 1934). What many people don’t know, is that the photo was revealed to be fake by The Sunday Telegraph in 1975. As a [Read More...]

Marco Rubio says homosexuality is not a choice, but remains against same-sex marriage


Yesterday was an interesting day on CBS News. First, Sunday morning featured an interview with three atheists who were promoting the “Openly Secular” campaign, and then Face the Nation had an interesting interview with Presidential hopeful Sen. Marko Rubio. I remain skeptical of Rubio because, as I pointed out, he is not sure about the [Read More...]

Atheists interviewed on CBS Sunday Morning


I am very proud of my good friends Mandisa Thomas and Todd Stiefel for their great job on their interviews for CBS Sunday morning. Also, Neil Carter did a great job. I’m not sure if we have met (I tend to think we have), but I surely can relate to his “testimony.” Here is the video [Read More...]

Michele Bachmann: The Coming Destruction Is Reason To Celebrate!


Yesterday’s post about the Presidential candidates confusion about the age of the Earth, garnered the usual negative feedback. Why should we care? What does religion have to do with politics? What about the separation of Church and State? After it was posted, I added an addendum with links to two recent articles explaining why these beliefs actually [Read More...]

Republican Presidential Hopefuls Are Not Sure About The Age of The Earth

Credit: John Valley, University of Wisconsin

Scientists might not always agree on the exact date, but there is pretty much a consensus on the age of the Earth. The debate that remains is to whether it is 4.4 to 4.54 billion years. Sorry Ken Ham, there is no valid data which suggests it is much younger. Back in February, reported that a [Read More...]

Idiot Anti-Christians Deface a Chick-Fil-A Office


So, it seemed odd to a few that I wrote a seemingly positive article about Glenn Beck with: Tim Ferriss Interviews Glenn Beck and Sets an Example. First off, these individuals must have brought a lot of mental baggage to their reading. And secondly, these people need to reexamine their goals. Are we trying to [Read More...]