Pat Robertson Represents Typical Views of Evangelical Grandparents


One of the most frequent questions “newer” atheist parents ask me, has to do with proselytizing grandparents. While it is a noble aim to allow your kids to make up their own minds about god(s) and religion, ti is also important to realize that children can be easily influenced by those they love. For those who come from traditional religions, it may be [Read More...]

Comic: Free Will In Heaven?

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A few months back I had some fun asking questions about a video tour through Hell. One example, “Wouldn’t Hell be like a hot tub, and you would get used to it after a while?” One thing I forgot to ask has to do a little more with those who are lucky enough to make it into [Read More...]

Evangelicals Are Wondering If Pope Francis Could Be the Antichrist


The Drudge Report recently posted the picture at the top of this article with a link to a Charisma News article that read: POPE FRANCIS ANTICHRIST? Underneath this link were the words, “Stand on Islam, capitalism, New World Order fuel chatter…” The connected article, written by Charisma’s senior editor, Jennifer LeClaire, asks if Pope Francis [Read More...]

Bill O’Reilly Says Satan Might Be Behind UC’s Transgender Identity Policy


I’ll be the first to admit that gender identity can be confusing. Hell, it was only a few years ago that I learned that gender was separate from sexual preferences. But, I’m open. I ask questions. I’m trying to learn. That being said, Bill O’Reilly recently aired this segment about the University of California’s new policy that [Read More...]

PSA: Don’t Let Your Friends Drive High On Jesus


Last week, the story of another tragic automobile accident made the rounds. The victim suffered a broken neck, and it was first believed that Marilyn Perry, the accused driver, was either under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or was texting while driving. I’m not one to make light of something so tragic, but found [Read More...]

Video: Matt Dillahunty Debates The Existence of God


Today I’m going to do something quite different. I’m going to let the video do most of the talking. Several years back, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Matt Dillahunty and his wonderful wife Beth Presswood. Since then, I have considered them dear friends. The three of us share similar backgrounds, and the desire to not simply be “atheist [Read More...]

Donald Trump’s Faith And The 2015 Family Leadership Summit


If you’ve been reading my posts lately, you know that I’ve been having fun watching Donald Trump grasp for the Evangelical vote (here, here and here). So, when I saw that Trump was speaking at the 2015 Family Leadership Summit, I must admit, I was excited. Here’s the video of his appearance. If you don’t [Read More...]