Atheist Activist Todd Stiefel Interviewed by The Young Turks

A new Young Turks interview with Todd Stiefel, President of the Stiefel  Free Thought Foundation has posted. It’s a great watch, and Todd comments on many issues, including his donation to build the first atheist monument I wrote about previously. Full disclosure: Todd is a friend of mine, on the advisory board of Atheist Nexus, and an [Read More...]

Could ADHD Be Genetic?

Is it possible that our growing dependence on Adderall and Ridalin could be genetic? A new study suggests that even though humans developed out of Africa, early primates possibly evolved out of Asia. And one of our newly discovered distant cousins, was so tiny that you could hold two in your hand. Also, these little [Read More...]

E. W. Jackson: Global Warming, The KKK, And Yoga

American History is teeming with patriots who stepped down from their pulpits and into some form of governmental service. Even 29 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were theologians or pastors. And all across Colonial America, ministers condemned the British crown and preached liberation. These traitorous clerics were dubbed, “The Black Robe Regiment,” [Read More...]



According to Mr. Conservative, the nonprofit organization Recovering From Religion, is trying to set up a new 1-800 Number that would be funded by liberals to convert Christians to atheists! I was outraged when I read that! How could they? Then I remembered that I am on the Board of Directors of Recovering from Religion, and I [Read More...]

IRS Was Not Only Targeting Tea Party Groups

There has been a lot of media coverage concerning the Internal Revenue Service harassing conservative Tea Party groups. While this is totally inexcusable, right-wing organizations were not the only targets. It appears they were going after any group that they considered controversial. For years I have heard stories of ludicrous inquiries being asked of nontheist [Read More...]

Atheist Monument or Christian Protest Monument

If you remember, last year American Atheists sued Bradford County Florida to have the 10 Commandments monument removed from the courthouse. They lost that fight, but are now erecting a “Monument to Atheism” at the very same courthouse. Check out this clip from a Fox & Friends segment entitled “Fight for Faith:” First off, I want [Read More...]

Were Mike Huckabee’s Words Taken Out of Context Concerning Connecticut School Shootings?

First, I want to thank you for the responses to my last post condemning the horrific statements of Eric Hovind and Bryan Fischer about the Connecticut school shootings. I especially want my atheist friends to know that I received many personal e-mails from Christians who were as outraged as we were, and many pledged to [Read More...]