People Magazine is reporting that Oregon gunman was obsessed with Satan


People magazine is reporting that a manifesto in praise of Satan was found on the Umpqua Community College shooter’s computer. Apparently, the document had “’666′ scrawled across it” and it detailed how Mercer desired to “serve darkness.” Who knows whether this is true or not? People admitted that they had not “received a copy of this document or confirmed [Read More...]

Mark Wahlberg Asks the Pope to Forgive Him for the Movie Ted


As Pope Francis toured through the US, made an appearance in Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families Festival. . Actor Mark Wahlberg speaks as Pope Francis is seated nearby during the World Meeting of Families festival. Among other celebrities, the Pontiff was treated to the comedy of Jim Gaffigan, and the music of Aretha [Read More...]

Yesterday’s Blood Moon: Did You Miss The Apocalypse?


Well, I tried to warn you. Back in April, right after the third of the tetrad of lunar eclipses produced a “Blood Moon,” I informed you of John Hagee’s book, Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change.   In this literary masterpiece, Hagee declared that God uses the heavens to communicate important messages to his people. He predicted that by [Read More...]

The New York Times Documentary of Jerry Dewitt and Some Confessions

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When I first ventured into this world of atheism, I felt sure I was all alone. I believed I had to be the only former preacher who had walked away from it all. Soon thereafter, I learned about Dan Barker, but he was famous and had left the church years ago. There was no way he [Read More...]

Donald Trump Finally Quotes His Favorite Bible Verse


I enjoyed writing about Donald Trump’s inability to list even one verse from the Bible. I found it funny that he couldn’t even spout John 3:16, and hilarious that he said both the Old and New Testaments were “equal in his mind.” Clearly, he did not anticipate the question, and proved he knew nothing about the book which he [Read More...]

Sam Harris and Dave Rubin: The Fabrications and Distortions Continue

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Last week I wrote a piece declaring that Sam Harris’s detractors could no longer justify misrepresenting his views. I believed that Dave Rubin’s interview provided all the information needed to explain Harris controversial positions. I also acknowledged that I disagreed with Harris on a few issues, and that I fully understood that many others would as well. Nonetheless, my plea [Read More...]

Rumors of Christopher Hitchens’ Deathbed Conversion


Knowing he was facing death, it seemed Christopher Hitchens scheduled more speaking engagements than he did while healthy. During these talks, Hitch would prognosticate that there would be rumors of his “deathbed conversion.” Those who were with Hitchens when he died, made it clear that there was no such last minute salvation plea. Furthermore, any speculation of the contrary [Read More...]