Ken Ham Says Pokemon Go Is Evidence For Creationism

Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Museum, the Ark Encounter, and the guy who asked why Miley Cyrus does not have sex with animals, says that Pokemon provides evidence for creationism. Here’s the video. It’s long, so I have it cued to start up at the important moment (if it doesn’t work for you, fast [Read More…]

The Liberal Redneck Comments on the Black Lives Matter Movement

I have had several people ask me what I think about Black Lives Matter. I started to write something today, and then I watched Trae Crowder’s (the Liberal Redneck), latest video. Since I live in the South, I will have to say that I approve this message! Now, I can’t stop singing: Just’a good ol’ [Read More…]

What Does Ben Carson’s Linking of Hillary Clinton to Lucifer Say About Our Message?

Well, the second night of the Republican National Convention is behind us. And while no one “Rick Rolled” us like Melania Trump did the first night, we did get to hear from our old friend Ben Carson. I missed old Benny. It seems like only yesterday when he so amazingly destroyed atheism with a joke. In case [Read More…]

Evening Laugh – Noah’s Ark, the Titanic, and Coffee Mugs

Another crazy day is coming to a close, and I thought you might need one last laugh. With the words, “There is literally SO much wrong with this…” a Reddit user posted this photo of a coffee mug: But if you watch this old ABC News story, it seems that old Ken Ham needed more [Read More…]

Richard Dawkins and Doctor Who’s Lalla Ward Separate After 24 Years of Marriage

It’s been a bad year for Richard Dawkins. First, in February Dawkins suffered a minor stroke, and now, sadly, the Daily Mail is reporting that Dawkins and actress Lalla Ward are ending their marriage of 24 years. If for some reason, you don’t know, Ward played Romana, a Time Lady, and companion to the fourth [Read More…]

Did Melania Trump Rick Roll the Entire World?

Could it be that Melania Trump was the smartest person at the Republican National Convention yesterday? I knew she spoke five languages, but I think she pranked us all. Many are claiming that Melania plagiarized parts of  Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech, but the Trump campaign has denied it. According to Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort: [Read More…]

Behold the Orchids for Satan’s Bouquet

Earlier today I posted commentary about the Facebook photo that some claim shows a soul leaving a body. In essence, I explained that it was an example of the phenomenon known as pareidolia. In the name of equal time, here’s another example you baby eaters will love. Two Polish scientists have discovered a new flower. The named it, Telipogon [Read More…]