Video: Pat Robertson on Why God Allows Babies to Die


Sticking to my pledge to no longer mock Pat Robertson, I bring you another public service announcement. Last week I warned you about Pat’s warnings concerning Ouija boards and pornography, but this week the lesson is even direr. Have you ever wondered why a loving deity would allow 3 year old babies die? Here’s Pat: [Read More...]

Believers like Senator Mike Lee should not fear the Supreme Court and marriage equality


The United States Supreme Court is expected to make a ruling concerning same-sex marriage at some point this month, and many, including Rolling Stone’s David S. Cohen, are predicting it will be “a historic 5-4 decision for equality.” In anticipation of such a ruling, Utah Senator Mike Lee has reintroduced the 2013 “Marriage and Religious Freedom Act” (S.1808). [Read More...]

One Million Moms Petitions Fox to Cancel Lucifer


Several years back I was one of those entertainment snobs that ignored most television shows and watched a handful of movies a week. However, in the age of HBO, AMC and Netflix, I must admit I’m hooked on great TV. Most recently, my wife and I just finished watching Bloodline, and loved it. All of [Read More...]

Using the Word God and Defaulting on Loans


I can’t tell you how many times this little bit of info could have saved me some past hardships. According to an article on Quartz, a presentation at the Boulder Summer Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making revealed that the words people use when they are applying for a loan says a lot about their emotions and [Read More...]

Video: A Quick Tour of Hell Leads to So Many Questions


The above picture is from an old meme someone created from a talk a presented a few years back. I was reminded of it this morning when I saw this video on Christian Nightmares this morning: Man, this raises so many questions. First, could Bart Simpson be right? Is Hell like a hot tub and [Read More...]

Pamela Geller and Blasphemy Laws. Surrender is Submission


Believe me, I am no fan of Pamela Geller. In fact, she represents a lot of things I despise. Nonetheless, a broken clock is right two times a day. Yesterday, Geller was interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper. Here’s the video of that interview:   Here’s the part I agree with. When she is asked if [Read More...]

Pat Robertson: Ouija Boards and Porn Are the Permission Slips of Satan


I know I promised, for the sake of America, I would no longer mock Pat Robertson. So, please don’t think I am doing so now. Think of this post as a public service announcement. The message in this video is something you occult loving sexual deviants need to hear. That’s right. If your kid is rebellious [Read More...]