Cartoon: Pope Mobile or Cage?

The truth behind the Pope Mobile: [Read more...]

Lunch Break Theater: Shermer vs D'Souza, "Is Religion a Force for Good or Evil in the World?"

Today’s Lunch Break Theater features a debate between Michael Shermer and Dinesh D’Souza. It is entitled, “Is Religion a Force for Good or Evil in the World?” [Read more...]

Video: The intriguing Pastor Arnold Murray

If you spend anytime flipping through channels late at night, you undoubtedly have come across Pastor Arnold Murray and his show Shepherd’s Chapel. The guy has been on TV since 1985, and always provides some great moments. Here’s one of my favorite clips of him pulling a gun on someone in his audience: [Read more...]

Lunch Break Theater: Charlie Rose discusses personalized medicine

Today’s Lunch Break Theater features Charlie Rose’s interview of Steven Pinker, Anne Wojcicki, George Church and Linda Avey.  The topic is, “Personalized Medicine.” [Read more...]

Video: Hitchens on the Islamic Republic of Iran

As usual, Christopher Hitchens has an interesting view on the events in Iran. Personally, I agree with the stance President Obama is taking concerning Iraq (at least for the moment). However, I do agree with Hitchens that he needs to stop referring to Iran as the, Islamic Republic of Iran. As we continue to communicate our support [Read More...]

Lunch Break Theater: 1998 The Darwin Debate

Today’s Lunch Break Theater features a 1998 video entitled, “The Darwin Debate. [Read more...]

Sunday Fundies: John Hodgman talks Jocks and Nerds

John Hodgman (better known as PC) spoke at the 2009 Radio and TV Correspondents’ Dinner. As always, he is quite funny, and gives great definitions for Jocks and Nerds. Jocks and Nerds Brother Richard And happy Father’s Day to all you muthas! [Read more...]