Comic: When we all get to heaven

St. Peter can be a “peter” sometimes: Doh! Brother Richard [Read more...]

Happy Anniversary Chariots of Iron!

Happy first anniversary to “the three godlessteers,” Lamar, Eli, and Joe. Thanks guys for giving us a great year of podcasting. May you all be in Heaven ten minutes before the Devil knows your dead. If you don’t yet listen to the Chariots of Iron podcast, you are missing out. Below is the info for [Read More...]

Comic: We don't want them to shut up

I repost this great Jesus and Mo strip in tribute to Bill Donohue. Who by the way, is still a bigot. If you are like me, and will torture yourself by reading Donohue’s book, at least buy it from the below link so evil secular sabotaging atheists will get a portion of the purchase price. [Read More...]

Bill Donohue, Catholic league president, is a bigot

Bill Donohue, the hypocritical bigot is at it again: How freaking dare him! He is clueless as to what we believe and don’t believe. And ironically every word he uses to describe the “new atheists” are perfect words to describe the Catholic church has been throughout history. If any of you have watched the Penn [Read More...]

Sunday Fundies: O'Mazing Grace!

Just because we don’t go to church, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some good old gospel music on a Sunday. Ladies and Gentlemen, O’Mazing Grace: Amen, Hallelujah! Brother Richard [Read more...]

Quote of The Day

I played a game. … I said, you know what I’m going to do? … I’m going to take a drink, in honor of Ted Kennedy. … . I going to take a drink for every black person I see on the parade route. And I was sober at the end of the parade. –Rush [Read More...]

The MP3 of my appearance on The Infidel Guy Show

If you missed my appearance on The Infidel Guy Show, or if you thought it was damn good you have to hear it again, the MP3 is available now. Brother Richard of Atheist Nexus will return to the show to discuss such topics as the site’s one year anniversary as well as topics that both [Read More...]