Two more videos of Hitchens and Wilson

Christopher Hitchens and Pastor Douglas Wilson continue their media tour promoting their new Documentary film: Collision. I posted two of their previous appearances (here and here). Today, I give you their two most recent appearances. Both of these programs gave the men more air time. This is great because they have more time to develop their [Read More...]

Caption this Jesus picture

I saw this photo the other day, and it absolutely cracked me up. I would love to hear what type of caption you guys and gals can come up with for it. Mine is at the bottom of the picture. “I found Jesus! He’s the one in the back yelling Freebird.” Brother Richard [Read more...]

The Laura Ingraham Show: Hitchens and Wilson Collide

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about the COLLISION movie, both Hitchens and Wilson were guests on The Laura Ingraham Radio Show yesterday. The interview lasted an hour, but below is a commercial edited stream that lasts a little less than 33 minutes. Enjoy: Hitchens also wrote about great article for debating believers on [Read More...]

Fox News, NPR, and Huff Post: The Collision movie is nigh!

For several months I have been talking about the upcoming movie Collision. The movie features Christopher Hitchens and Pastor Douglas Wilson as they tackle the question, “Is Christianity good for the world?” Well, the wait is over. There will be two screening in New York this Wednesday the 28th (Buy Tickets), and two screenings in [Read More...]

Are atheist ads offensive?

What type of alternate reality do I live in? I am one of those nontheists who doesn’t believe all religious people are crazy. In fact, I am often criticized by my atheist brothers and sisters for being to lenient on believers. However, even I can’t understand how anyone can be offended by the recent atheist billboards. [Read More...]

Atheist News Podcast Episode 016

“I am a big fat liar” The sixteenth episode of the Atheist News Podcast has posted. I am a filthy deceiver. A falsifier, a prevaricator, a misleader and also, a guy who is fond of the thesaurus. My computer really did die, but then, miraculously, it came back from the dead for no apparent reason. [Read More...]

Cartoon: Santa's Intellegent Design

It is amazing how kids can have such deep and insightful thoughts. I believe that we are all born as superstitious atheists, and those who raise us must work hard to teach us which mythos to believe without question. Case in point, as a very young child, I occasionally doubted the awesomeness of Santa Claus. [Read More...]