Video: I agree with Pat Robertson

Happy Veterans Day to wonderful men and women who are serving, or have served, in the military! I don’t know how cold it is in Hell, Michigan, but I’m going to say something that should almost be impossible. I agree with Pat Robertson. Check out this video: Now sure, there is a whole lot of [Read More…]

Cartoon: Beware Friday the 13th approaches!

Get ready! This Friday falls upon the 13th. Good thing, the religious don’t need to worry. They are scared no stinking numbers. Or do they? From Ape Not Monkey: Click image to enlarge I wonder what will happen when we get a Friday the 13th while the Antichrist sits in the White House? Brother Richard [Read more…]

Video: Frank Schaeffer and the fears of fundamentalism

As a follow-up to my Weekly Rant: Frank Schaeffer and New Atheist Fundamentalists, I present an interview Laura Flanders did with Schaeffer for GRITtv. From the web description: Schaeffer has a new book now, Patience with God: Faith for People Who Don’t Like Religion (or Atheism), and in it he takes on both the “incipient fascism” [Read More…]

Dutch tulip named in honor of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

On November 4th a ceremony was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art honoring the beautiful Ayaan Hirsi Ali. During the event, a tulip was named “Ayaan” in recognition of her human rights stance for Muslim women. From Flora Culture International: Ms. Hirsi Ali, a feminist, author, activist and former member of the Dutch parliament [Read More…]

Video Debate: Is the Catholic Church a force of good?

A couple weeks ago, I asked you to participate in an online poll sponsored by Intelligence². The question asked if the Catholic Church was a force of good in the world. According to those who answered the poll, the answer was: no. A recent debate in London asked the same question. Archbishop John Onaiyekan and Anne Widdecombe [Read More…]

Thank you, President Obama!

In today’s radio address, President Obama spoke of the Ft. Hood tragedy. While doing so, he made reference to the great diversity of the American military by saying … “They are Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and nonbelievers.” I join with my friend Ed Buckner, President of American Atheists, in publicly thanking President Obama for our inclusion. From [Read More…]

Video: Jon Stewart transmogrifies into Glenn Beck

Jon Stewart did an great job channeling Glenn Beck on the Daily Show. What an amazing impersonation! Brother Richard (props: Rationality Now) [Read more…]