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Humor: Eve's motives revealed!

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Eat, Drink, Be Merry and Thankful!

Hello my brothers and sisters. I’m sorry I have been absent from blogging over the past few days. I have been under the constraints of Tom Melchiorre, the Editor-in-Chief (sanitized moniker for evil overlord) of  Secular Nation magazine. For some twisted reason he enjoys sadistically enforcing these things called deadlines, which were obviously hatched in the warped mind [Read More…]

Senator Chris Buttars homosexual confession?

You know, it’s like they say, sometimes it really is like shooting fish in a barrel. The idiots make it easy for you. Utah Senator Chris Buttars has always been a big fan of the gays. By his own words, we now understand that sometimes you’ve got to take a break from the fun. Click here [Read More…]

Missouri billboard calls for war

Forget atheist billboards, why is the new sign off a Missouri highway not the very definition of offensive. It provides a three step guide for dealing with a corrupt government. The sign reads: A Citizens Guide to Revolution of a corrupt government. 1.  Starve the Beast. 2.  Vote out incumbents. 3.  If steps, 1 & 2 [Read More…]

Atheist News Podcast Episode 18

“Minute-and-a-half Man” The eighteenth episode of the Atheist News Podcast has posted. Richard joins me for another fabulously entertaining episode of the Atheist News Podcast. This week we start the show off with a candid discussion about why Dragon Age is likely to ruin my life. We also talk a bit about my printing misadventure [Read More…]

Will Glenn Beck be remembered as a nut job?

I am soooo relieved. As you know, I am a harsh critic of Glenn Beck, and have often referred to him as a wacko. Apparently, he’s okay with that. We’ve all seen this picture from the days when President Obama was a professor: Well, on his Fox show today, Beck used this picture as the [Read More…]