Lunch Break Theater: Richard Dawkins & Peter Singer

Today’s  Lunch Break Theater features the uncut Richard Dawkins interview with Peter Singer from “The Genius of Charles Darwin” documentary series. [Read more...]

Lunch Break Theater: Hitchens & The 10 Commandments

Today’s  Lunch Break Theater features a lecture Christopher Hitchens gave at the Royal Ontario Museum on the Ten Commandments. [Read more...]

Andrew Sullivan and the evolution of religion

Okay, my atheist brothers and sisters, hear me out. Please read what I have to say, before you crucify me. Here it goes. I am a big fan of Andrew Sullivan. More often than not, I agree with what he has to say. Though socially liberal, he is somewhat conservative, but doesn’t support what the [Read More...]

Cartoon: Jesus and the boys

Saturday morning sacrilege from SMBC: [Read more...]

Quote of The Day

When you make peaceful protest impossible, you make violent protest inevitable. … I can promise you this–there is visceral contempt for this administration in the pro-life community.” –Randall Terry President of Operation Rescue [Read more...]

Nerdgasim: Scientists Create a Form of Pre-Life

A few weeks ago, Nature published an experiment in which scientists were able to mix a soup of “primordial chemicals” into many of the key RNA ingredients. Now, Wired reports they have taken it to the next level: A self-assembling molecule synthesized in a laboratory may resemble the earliest form of information-carrying biological material, a [Read More...]

Cartoon: Fly Creationism

A whole lotta funny: (props: PZ via Harpers) [Read more...]