Lunch Break Theater: A Universe From Nothing by Lawrence Krauss

One of the most talked about presentations at this year’s AAI convention (besides this guy’s) was the talk given by Lawrence Krauss. We should all be thankful to the good folks of for making their recording available. This speech goes a long way, to paraphrase the great Carl Sagan, to illustrate how our universe is [Read More...]

Video: Swine flu with a side of bacon

Could it be that Bill Maher is just as crazy as some religious people? It seems that Seventh-day Adventists, Jews, Muslims, and Bill Maher may all be avoiding the swine flu vaccination for equally valid reasons. (By the way, you should check out this open letter Michael Shermer wrote to Bill Maher.) Dallas/Fort Worth’s Fox [Read More...]

Weekly Rant: Benny Hinn – Man of God?

[Read more...]

Cartoon: A little Halloweenie humor

Because I am childish, immature, and love Halloween, I just had to post this joke from Shoebox Blog: Okay, so it doesn’t have anything to do with religion. But it does concern the supernatural. So, let me take this time to say, “Ghosts aren’t real.” There happy? At least I didn’t post a joke about [Read More...]

Lunch Break Theater: Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmic Quandaries

I really like Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. I know it’s sacrilege, but I really believe he has the potential to be this generations Carl Sagan. However, in today’s anti-science and pro-pseudoscience environment, I seriously doubt that’s even possible. Recently, Dr. Tyson spoke at St. Petersburg College about cosmic quandaries. The video is truly mind boggling [Read More...]

I found Jesus! He was hiding out in an IKEA bathroom.

Apparently, Jesus likes to hang out in public bathrooms, and is fond of writing on the stalls. You can see some of his divine graffiti in the picture on right. The Telegraph UK has posted an article entitled, “‘Jesus’s face’ spotted on the toilet door in Ikea Glasgow.” One shopper said: “It takes you by surprise. It [Read More...]

Can we be good without a god?

A couple of weeks ago I was a guest on Fox news radio’s Colonel Ray Show.  The entire focus of the show was where humans get their morals.  This argument is nothing new for we nonbelievers. We hear it repeatedly. The show host was a little upset with me when I asked him, “Do you really believe [Read More...]