Our Friend, H2O

Swelling… swelling.

One of the many wonderful side-effects of pregnancy. 
In your ankles, legs, hands and fingers… 
The doctors and midwives tell you to drink it.
You try.  You really do.
But it’s so hard to get that daily 64oz.
And add on countless more liters if you’re exercising, already nursing, etc.
Not to mention it has no taste!
Yet this pregnancy I have become a believer in water.  I have been overwhelmed at its healing and life-giving power.  I should know better.  A Biology background in tow, my brain knows that water is life-giving in its every form; at the root of every life process and cellular event.  It causes diffusion, osmosis, and cellular respiration, to name a few.  
And it takes away swelling.  Really, it does.
Water is every pregnant woman’s small miracle.
And I never believed it until now.

No sooner have my ankles begun to bulge, but I drink a large 32oz’er of the clear stuff and all is well.  No more cankles. 
Bring on the 64, 72, 80 oz-a-day!!  I’ll drink it.
Let’s not forget the many other reasons to consume it–
*Improve Your Energy
*Increase Your Mental and Physical Performance
*Remove Toxins & Waste Products from your body
*Keep Skin Healthy and Glowing
*Help You Lose Weight
*Reduce Headaches and Dizziness
*Allow for proper Digestion (and avoid constipation!!)
*Help to keep you more Alkaline
(Though an April report in The Journal of American Society of Nephrology disputes these claims!  Pish posh, I say!)
Just do it.
YET don’t always trust its purity, especially the bottled kind.
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