Do You See What I See?

We recently discovered, with the help of our son’s teacher, that he needs glasses. We survived the ophthalmologist appointment and will pick up the new specs in a few days. When the nurse walked me over to the wall of glasses and asked me what kind we would like, I asked for, “Whatever is the most indestructible.” She showed me ones that you can literally bend in half and they won’t break, thank goodness.

Any tips from moms out there about glasses-wearing for young boys (Dash is a VERY hyperactive 4 year old who has sensory integration issues and often has very violent outbursts with flailing limbs). I read somewhere online that two good rules are:
Always take glasses off with both hands.
Always hand glasses to Mommy or Daddy.
After commenting on Red’s Olympic unit post, I realize that I will probably have to add various rules about not using glasses as weapons, lock picks etc.
I decided against getting a bunch of library books about getting glasses, wearing glasses, etc., because, with Dash, I think our best bet is to downplay. I’m more worried about how to keep them in one piece!