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You’re Excused

Gone are the days of “my dog ate my homework” and other lame excuses. As a mother with young children, I find that my excuses in everyday situations are thoroughly believable because they are way too far-fetched to have been made up: “I’m sorry we can’t return the Transformer toy that you let us borrow yesterday. Spiderman apparently trapped him in a web (the chain that opens and closes our radiator vent) and there’s no way to untangle him. As soon as we can get our hands on a pair of wire c … [Read more...]

Let The Guessing Begin!

As our dear Kat shared in her last post, the newest Building Cathedral cherub should be making his/her appearance no later than tomorrow! What joy!We already know the baby's relative due date, but can surely have a little fun guessing the baby's: 1) GENDER--Kat has one of each, so the odds are truly 50/50!; 2) WEIGHT--Kat's C was 7lbs. 13oz. and little M was 8lbs. 8oz.; and 3) TIME of arrival--she's had previous babies in both the morning and afternoon.So here are my predictions--1) Boy, 2) … [Read more...]


Amazingly, our family is getting ready to welcome our next little bundle of joy any day now, and by Thursday for sure. As always, the date has crept up on us and we are just so excited to finally meet this little one! Our 5 1/2 year-old can't wait to meet his little brother or sister, although the idea of an induction is perplexing to him, and our 2 year-old is very clingy and seems to know that her life is about to change big-time!Since I was prepared for the possibility that this baby was … [Read more...]

Reluctantly, Joyfully Lent

As Fat Tuesday drew to a close this year, I could not deny the overwhelming sense of gloom I felt. The next day was Ash Wednesday and with it meant forty long days of suffering. Really long ones.It hasn't been easy living through Ash Wednesdays and Lenten seasons of the past. During my first as a mother, my child was 4 days old and a month premature. We had just been delivered the glowing "suitcase" for his jaundice and were required to keep him in it 24 hours-a-day. My milk had just come … [Read more...]

Ashes… Get Your Ashes…

A MOST blessed Ash Wednesday to you!Have you observed the phenomenally high attendance at Ash Wednesday Mass? It blows me away every single year. This morning, the pews were packed at the 8am Mass, in a parish that echoes with empty pews on Sundays. This afternoon at the noon Mass (when I was getting Bella from school), the same church parking lot was a lawless traffic jam, incapable of accommodating all the mass-goers.It's not only the sheer number of attendees that catches my eye; it's the … [Read more...]

Lenten Beginnings

Last year we added the Jesus Tree to our Lenten family activities and greatly enjoyed it. Having daily lessons on Christ and his life very beautifully added to the season and made it more meaningful for our young children. Might I say, this project is not for the weary! The initial work is a good bit of effort--a little sacrifice for your Lenten journey. Every week I would set out to make that week's ornaments and find myself behind and rushing to make the ornament right up to the lesson. … [Read more...]

A Child of The Era of Changing Expectations

Recently my father and I were having a conversation in which he mentioned a local news story he had seen. He paraphrased the coverage and explained that the producers predicted that the recent economic downturn will create the first generation of North Americans whose living standards will be lower than their parents' material living standards. In other words, the home you make for your adult family will not be as nice as the one in which you grew up as a child. Until this point in U.S. history … [Read more...]

I Get to Keep Them

We are preparing for our world to turn upside down in a month when we head to Europe for the rest of 2010 for my husband’s dissertation research. We five have become quite comfortable here in our Philadelphia suburb--as comfortable as we can be in a small two bedroom apartment! It took a very strenuous move and a couple years of disorientation and loneliness, but four years later, we are thriving: (1) I have met several lovely friends of the soul whom I can call on anytime, to drop the k … [Read more...]

Snow Day, homeschool style

Homeschooling is not for everyone, but one of the things that makes it a great fit for our family is that we have the luxury of time together. Though there is often lots to be done, our days are rarely rushed. On these snow day, when our neighbors were also home, we did our regular school seat work and still had plenty of time for shoveling, sledding, baking, popcorn, cocoa and lots of reading aloud. The thing is, we all admit that children learn as much from those last things as they do from … [Read more...]


To Red's awesome post on dealing with a blizzard, don't forget to close the garage! … [Read more...]