Train Tracks

Friends, I am looking for your recommendations on the best websites from which to purchase lots of this:

We are overseas, so I do not have the luxury of going to a store, so websites only if you please. My 2yr.-old trainhead (and the rest of us) thank you.

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  • Mary Alice

    The thing is, aren't the best ones made in germany? I would buy my toys over there if I were you. Brio is the best train brand, and they last for generations. The cheaper imitations break and splinter.

  • Rosemary

    Ikea sells the cheapest wooden track I've seen (the connectors are plastic). It's a very affordable way to bulk out a collection. We have a mix of Ikea, Thomas, Melissa & Doug, and Brio track, all of which interconnect. I haven't noticed any quality issues which any of it.

  • The

    We've had the plastic connectors break off on both Melissa and Doug and Thomas brand tracks.We are intense train users, though, our trains get played almost daily by many children.

  • Jamie

  • MJDMom

    I have Brio and Target track mixed together and can't see much of a difference at all. Brio trains are better though!

  • Kyra

    Try! Not only do they have a ton of train tracks/train items but often you can get good quality items used (i.e. cheap). While I haven't specifically bought wooden train tracks I have bought many used items for my son and it's been a great resource.