Just for Fun…

…Texas Mommy and I thought we’d gather our six children (ages 6 and under), put them in a small chapel, and see if they could sit patiently and quietly through a baptismal liturgy for TEN babies. We’ll let you use your imaginations for the outcome 🙂

Seriously, Tex and Mr. Tex, thanks for the huge effort that you made in being at Caroline Rose’s Baptism – it meant the world to us and we know that it wasn’t easy!
*Note: Our children are the baby, the little girl, and the boy farthest to the right (sitting next to Mr. Tex). Tex and Mr. Tex’s children are the other three adorable boys!
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  • Mary Alice

    Beautiful! Congratulations!

  • Coffee Catholic

    Wow! Are those all our lovely kids? We have three so far… Yes, I'm praying for a break so my body can heal but I hope we have many more kids!!

  • B-Mama

    Love the shot and I can imagine it was SUCH fun getting the gangs together. What a fun crew on the bench!! The G boys would have been right in the mix… Congratulations Miss Caroline and family!!

  • Kat

    Coffee Catholic: Oh dear no, just three are our kids 🙂 Ours are the baby, the little girl, and the boy farthest on the right. The others belong to Tex and Mr. Tex, which is why their effort to come for the Baptism was so heroic!

  • Coffee Catholic

    We had our twins baptised a couple of months ago. That was a circus and a half lol!

  • Juris Mater

    CONGRATULATIONS, Kat and family and Caroline! What a fun gathering, you all look absolutely great… Tex and Kat, you are two PRETTY MOMS! Our hearts are always with your two families no matter how near or far.

  • texas mommy

    Oh, Kat! We would do it again in a heartbeat! The boys had such a great time they were still singing at 10pm on the highway heading home! Wish we could have stayed longer…it was a beautiful baptism!