B-Mama’s Baby’s Birthday?

That’s right, our very own B-Mama bear is about to give birth to bear cub #4! We can’t wait to meet her sweet gal, due around June 20th. B-Mama has had one baby very early due to pre-eclampsia, and her other two babies arrived right on time (one or two days past the due date). So when do you ladies think B-Mama’s baby will arrive? Make sure to add a time on for tie-breakers!

My guess, June 22nd at 11:30am! Go B-Mama Go!!!

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  • Right Said Red

    I'm putting my guess in the comments section as well:June 22nd at 11:30am

  • Charlie

    June 21st at 12:56am

  • Gianna

    June 22nd at 11:00pm

  • Megan

    June 21st (my birthday) at 3:27pm

  • Kerry

    June 20th, 12:00pm

  • Kat

    June 17th, 10:30 p.m.Can't wait!

  • Julie

    June 19th, 12 noon

  • Molly

    June 14th, 10:45 am, after an easy natural delivery :-)

  • B-Mama

    Love it, love it–Molly, I hope you're right! Thanks for the good wishes! :)

  • AWOL Mommy

    June 25th, 0900 – late because Tex did it to me and military time for my Army wife buddy B-Mama.Also, if B-Daddy can lead troops in combat, he can coach Superyou to a natural delivery.

  • Juris Mater

    I'll throw my hat in with AWOL so that we're not all demoralized and bored if B-baby is running late. June 26, 12:01am.Good luck and God bless, B-mama!

  • Bethany

    June 23rd, 4:00pmGood luck!

  • B-Mama

    I'm going to actually put in my own prediction for a summer solstice baby–June 21st 10:30am–just because I think it would be cool for her to ring in every new year with more daylight on her birthday than any other day of the year! JM and AWOL, I think the two of you may end up being closest. I had no status change at my appt. today. MG is going to take her sweet, old time!

  • va mama

    I'm going with June 20th, Father's Day, at 1830 hours EDT. Delivery will be accomplished with ease and grace coached along by GG and the doola.

  • va mama

    Oops, I mean the doula!