Speaking of Haircuts…

Wings extending from his head

After Juris Mater’s hilarious post last week, I thought I’d post our latest haircut escapade (this one with pictures).

We were all sick last week and Mr. Incredible even stayed home from work one day. And, while we were happy to have him covalescing at home, his weekday presence does throw a monkey wrench into our routine.

Especially when he decided that it was time to give the baby (ahem, more than 2 year old) his first haircut. He had been thought a girl at least half a dozen times in the preceding week.

The following morning our 3 year old exclaimed in that hyper-excited voice that 3 year olds reserve for Exactly Everything, “MOM, LOOK! Baby has EARS!!!”

Hadn’t seen those for about a year.

Incidentally, being tired and sick does not put one in the best frame of mind to see their baby instantaneously look several years older. Yes, there were tears!

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  • Oh my gosh “the baby” is getting so big!

  • B-mama

    WHAT a dollbaby he is!! SO very cute. Hats of to Mr. Incredible for a fine haircut. Don’t worry, our J’s are still babies! The J baby here is into EVERYTHING and turns over every bin of toys we have. He is driving me up the wall, but in a very, very adorable way!

  • Kat

    Oh boy, Tex, he is getting cuter by the day! Please give that sweet boy a big hug from us, and hopefully we’ll see all of you in person sometime soon!

  • Kate

    Wow it does make him look so much older. I want to cry and I”m not his mama, but I know the feeling (with the same super blonde hair). I looked at my guys feet this week and they looked like HUGE big kid feet, I teared up a bit. Give him an extra squeeze tonight!

  • Anonymous

    He looks great!