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Eat and be Merry

Our home has been doing a major nutritional overhaul in the past weeks.  We've gone from all things processed and chemical to whole foods and more fruits and vegetables.  We're trying to eat out less and eat in more, consuming more nuts and whole grains and even making our own bread.  Many of the Builders have been a great inspiration to us in this endeavor--we're just slow on the uptake and finally got the message!  It really took me sitting down to enter receipts into our budget back in Nov … [Read more...]

Semi Finished Basement?

Our readers are such a wonderful source of frugal, practical creativity, so here is something to think on:We have a large basement which we use for storage, it also has the boiler, etc, and some shelving.  The floor is painted concrete, the walls are exposed cinder block, it is fairly dry unless our neighborhood floods, the lighting is kind of depressing.  As mentioned in the previous post, we bring bins of toys down there, which has made it an attractive place to my children.  They are also al … [Read more...]

My old familiar refrain…

Well, Mrs. Claus is happy today.  All that stuff that had been piling up around her house has been sleighed on over to my place, and she can relax and take it easy for a while I drown in piles of toys.I have to say, we are in much better shape this December 26 than past years, many of our relatives have learned that with six kids in the house the greatest, most generous gift they can give us is to exercise restraint when shopping for us.  One aunt gives barnes and noble gift cards which will b … [Read more...]

He’s There

Our Christmas is so full, with activities and visitors and food and fire engines, that it can be hard to find the Christ Child at the center of it all, but when we just focus, He is there in the midst, and it is beautiful. … [Read more...]

Thoughts for Thursday

What am I cooking? On this busy day of preparation before Christmas I am enjoying silence as my older two children play outside and my babies nap.  We spent the morning peeling pomegranates for our Christmas salad, baking and freezing Christmas morning waffles, making the gravy for our Christmas Roast, and listening to Christmas music.  Amidst the hustle and bustle, my children chattered with excitement about Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  Amazingly, my mind was clear and I thought of th … [Read more...]

What Kids (Really) Want

In the midst of all of the gift-giving this Christmas season, I was reminded the other day of what my children really want for Christmas. A couple of days ago, I had the blessing of an hour alone with my son, just the two of us with some time to go and do whatever we wanted. We decided to have lunch at our favorite sub shop and then to go and paint a Christmas ornament at a pottery place next door. I wasn't really hungry, but he urged me to share his sandwich and chips with him. At the pottery … [Read more...]

Beginnings and Endings

One of the Christian fellowship groups at Princeton had (and perhaps still has) a really neat tradition, in which the graduating seniors would stand in front of the group during the last meeting of the year and impart a small bit of wisdom to the younger classes. I don't remember exactly what I or others said, but I will never forget the feeling of warmth and fellowship in that room during those "good-bye" meetings. What I loved about this tradition was that it gave those who were leaving a … [Read more...]

Public Service Announcement

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Thanks, I needed this!

Our dishwasher is broken, so I don't really have time to teach today.  When one technology fails me, another rises up to the rescue.  Thanks to Elizabeth Foss for pointing us to the Bob Books App! … [Read more...]

Guilty Conscience?

Dear Santa Claus, I was just wondering if I am on your good list or bad list. Santa, you rock!(excerpt from a certain child's letter to Santa, written at school) … [Read more...]