Flip Diapers?

Has anyone used the flip cloth diapers?

Our velcro is wearing out on our BumGenius 3.0 diapers and, while I know it can be replaced (by someone else–I don’t sew), I am intrigued by the new Flip system, which seems to be what the BumGenius has morphed into. I definitely wish we had gone with a snap closure versus the velcro. And the flip system is a LOT cheaper than regular all-in-one cloth diapers.

Anyone have any experience with the flips?

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  • Kristen

    I’m not quite sure what is meant by the “flip,” but I have been using bummis super whisper snaps and prefolds for a year and they are still sparkly white, odorless, and in great shape. I’ve never once bought a pack of disposable diapers (personal challenge!). At night, just to change it up, I use fuzzibunz, which are also holding up perfectly and look like those you mentioned (I looked at the website). I heard velcro breaks down quicker so I bought diapers that snapped. I love, love, love my diapers. And I love my Charlie’s soap that makes them smell so good.

  • Erin

    I saw the flip diaps, but I have not tried them. I did hear that they are essentially a prefold with a wrap, and more expensive. So, I heard they are not worth it. I do have some BG 4.0, with snap closure. Those might do the trick for you. The 4.0 is just a bit bigger and you can choose between snap or velcro. Even though snap is better for the wash, I still prefer the velcro for simplicity and speed.

  • Renee

    Hi TexMommy! I’m not familiar with this system, but when I look into new diapers, I always go to diaperpin for reviews — here’s what I found on the Flip system, http://www.diaperpin.com/diapers/itemdetail.asp?id=2266. I am falling in love with everything Mother-ease and am slowly replacing worn-out pre-folds after 5 years of hard use.

  • I have both BumGenius AIO’s, BumGenius Pockets and Flip Diapers. I’m not a huge fan of the flip. You have to get pretty messy with them. If your child has a lot of pee, the smell soaks through to the outer cover and you have to use another (you ought to be able to use 3 inserts per cover). Also, if you have a baby under 1 who is either breastfeeding or primarily drinking fluids, they poop more often and the cover must always be changed. My 2 year old does better with them. My 1 year old poops a lot and we only get 4 diaper changes (I only have 4 covers) instead of 12! We use them for overnights sometimes. They are fantastic for that. I use 2 inserts in one diaper and although my kid is a bit uncomfortable, they don’t seem to mind!

  • We LOVE our Flips! We have used all 3 different kinds of inserts with them: the staydry microfiber insert (similar to regular BumGenius inserts), the organic prefolds (which are amazingly absorbent – more than regular prefolds, in my opinion), and the disposable biodegradable inserts for traveling. My only complaint is that the disposable inserts are a little small and sometimes we’ve had to use two for heavy wetting, but I’ve heard they are redesigning them to be wider. The covers have become our favorites for the snaps and the ease of wiping them down; we’ve never had problems with leaking or smells.nIf you like the traditional BumGenius though (which I do, too), you might like the new 4.0 version with snaps. They look just like Flips from the outside and they work great. I’ve decided to start slowly converting our BG stash to the snaps because even after I’ve replaced some of the laundry tabs, I know they would still need to be replaced again for another child to go all the way through them.

  • Lauren M Steed

    I have some friends who use flips and love them! They have all said, however, that they won’t use them at night because they leak after several hours of not changing the diaper. If you’re interested, you can send your diapers to a woman who will put snaps on them – she does a great job. Let me know if you want the info, and I can get it for you! Cloth diapering mommas, unite! 🙂

  • Beth

    Hi ladies, I just happened upon this post. I have been researching and researching cloth diapers but am so overwhelmed with the volume of information out there. I am committed to making the switch ASAP. If any of you have time, would you post and let me know (even very briefly) what you love and find works and what you have tried and not liked so much! I would be ever so grateful. Even links to things you have seen that are helpful would really be appreciated! Thank you. God Bless.

  • Beth, I too was overwhelmed by all the info out there when we started out. I ended up writing up a whole “review” of our favorite brands (and we tried everything), laundry routine, etc. for a relative’s baby shower since she wanted more info on cloth diapering. I debated posting this on my blog since I’d like to share the info if it would be helpful to anyone else, but it’s kind of long. If you want to send me your email or comment on my blog so I have your address, I could send it to you?

  • Kj_marshill

    I don’t know where you live, but here in Fort Wayne there is a lady who will come to your home and demonstrate all different types of diapers. It is really helpful to get your options before you buy!

  • MollyG

    Hey Beth,nnI don’t cloth diaper (we can’t handle laundry as is), but I seriously considered it. Have you considered trying out a variety starter kit (like this one: http://www.jilliansdrawers.com/products/clothdiapers/tryclothfor10/tryclothfor10) to see what you like? nnGood luck!

  • MollyG

    Oh, and for Fuzzibunz users–they’re on sale at Zulily right now: http://www.zulily.com/fuzzibunz011411.htmln

  • Caroline

    I love the Flips; they’ve been a huge help for our son who is an extremely heavy wetter at night. We use a lot of doublers and he wakes up with dry pajamas. We’ve tried a lot of cloth and disposable diapers for him and Flips are the only ones that consistently keep everything contained. nnWith my twin daughters, we used several kinds – kissaluvs were good, but too bulky. I loved the Bumkin all-in-one, but it’s now so expensive. I liked the fuzzibunz, but I didn’t like the extra step of stuffing the diaper, and the fleece seemed to retain odors. nnWhen our son was born, we wanted to try some of the new diapers. We started with G diapers – I liked that the disposable liners are flushable. It’s great when you’re out and about. I didn’t really care for the cloth liners and they didn’t really hold a lot. It was also hard to get the diaper on securely, and once again, it’s hard to get the odors out of the fleece. nnWe’ve evolved into Kushies AIOs and Flips during the day, and Flips with lots of doublers at night. My husband loves the convenience of the Kushies, and so far, they’re holding up great.

  • rj

    If you are looking for a cover/insert diaper, I have found this cover to work best for us. We use unbleached prefolds (absorbent layer), a thin fleece liner (wicking layer), and flip covers (waterproof layer). We had already purchased the prefolds & liners, which is why we didn’t purchase the flip inserts ($5ea. v. $2-$3ea. prefold). We have used this system for our daytime diapers for 7mo-13mo, and it has worked excellently for us. The snaps are not as cumbersome as I’d imagined, and We use bumGenius 3.0 for our nighttime diaper. If you don’t want the hassle of handling multiple layers at each change, I’d say stick with the 4.0 pockets. If you are intrigued by re-using covers with clean inserts, I vote two thumbs up (over any other brand/system) for the flips. ps, look for seconds on sale– they’re discounted & often have no visible defects.

  • ChristyReedy

    I have a bunch of BumGenius 3.0’s and would love the information on the lady who will replace the velcro with snaps. We got some of the Flips and they seem to work really well for my son’s (2 1/2) wet diapers but not so well for dirty diapers.

  • Texas Mommy

    Thank you ladies for sharing your experiences with the Flips! I have ordered a few of the BumGenius4.0s to see how the snaps work for us and then will decide if I should convert our velcro to snaps or go a different route. It is so nice to have some insights from mothers in the trenches (ahem, the laundry room)!