Good Behavior Club

My boys informed me today that they have formed a good behavior club. Of couse, I instantly thought it was some very localized off shoot of the Blue Knights and they would be spurring each other on to great virtues. Images of impeccably dressed boys treating each other with impeccable politeness danced in my head.

My mistake.

I was promptly informed the goal of the club is to slay dragons rather than, shall we say, use good table manners.

At least I now know what they think when I tell them to be on their good behavior: Grab a sword and  keep an eye out for dragons.

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  • B-mama

    Super cute, Tex! u00a0I think our version would involve some sort of Ninja fighting… u00a0How I love boys!nnSomething that helps me break up a loved one’s time away is giving myself incentives (even small ones) to help break up the time. u00a0A mid-week Americano from Starbucks and an end-week movie night with pizza would be two top treats on my list. u00a0Anything to give me something to which to look forward and make it through the doldrums!

  • B-mama

    Oops, I meant to put the latter thoughts in the above post! u00a0

  • Ruth

    Maybe they meant slaying metaphorical dragons. You know, There Be Dragons style!u00a0

  • Renee

    u00a0I love this!u00a0 :)u00a0