Yesterday afternoon was a sad one for Maria, our middle child. The baby was crying because of a terrible diaper rash, and Maria attempted to console her with a big hug and words of encouragement. The baby would have nothing of it – only mommy would do.

Being a fairly flexible child, Maria sought out her other sibling, the older one. “I’ll help you build your lego ship, Christopher!” she proclaimed with enthusiasm. But the older boy, having had too many bad experiences with little sisters and legos, declined her offer and closed the door to his room.

And then, from the depths of her desperate soul, our poor middle child cried out: “Oh nooooooo, now I’m all ALONE!”

Being in the middle is no fun sometimes.

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  • B-mama

    Poor little dear! u00a0Maria stole my heart at reunions when she walked over after first meeting me and put her arm around my shoulder like we were old pals–what a sweetheart. u00a0She is such a people person, I can easily see such a scenario playing out for her.u00a0nnOur T (middle boy) is the same–he loves being around his brothers and rarely needs alone time. u00a0Even as a baby, if we walked out of a room where he was stationary, he’d cry to beckon us back to him!u00a0

  • Jurismater

    Spoken like a true extrovert… I have one of those in my home too, nothing sends her into a panic more than solitude. Maybe Marianne and Maria can Skype video chat and keep each other company this summer!

  • MaryS

    That’s Diana to a T! I always tell her that she is going to love playing with her cousin Maria. =) u00a0

  • Red

    What an endearing story.u00a0 Poor girl!

  • Lucy

    That’s an oft repeated refrain for my middle child/only girl/serious extrovert. It’s nice to know she’s not alone in that panic at being alone. Playing with friends in the neighborhood is a lifesaver for her.u00a0 If she had to depend on her brothers for all the companionship she needs, she’d be in that panic a lot more often.