A Year in the Life of a Breastfeeding Mother

500+ hours

That is the (grossly underestimated) time a mother sacrifices to nurse her wee babe for a year.  That’s overlooking the 8+ number of feedings a mother commits to during the early days and weeks.  That’s glossing over the varying lengths of those feedings and the hours of demand, often in the middle of the night when the mother is passed out, trying to grab whatever shut-eye she can.  That’s obtusely ignoring all the moments of indecision a mother spends wondering–did she eat enough?  will she wake again because she’s hungry?  should I feed her now and forego a feeding in an hour?  And on and on…

But the mother presses on and continues and it is so beautiful she can’t imagine ever doing anything else.  She can’t imagine stopping one second early because the thought of providing for her little one is so heartwarming and good.  It completes her and defines her and the physicians say that’s the way she should aim to do it.  So she does.  And thanks be to God, it goes well.

For 500+ hours.  For 365 days.  For an entire year.

And this is the product:

So she’d do it all again in a heartbeat.  All 500+ hours.

But boy is she glad to be done!  You mean mom doesn’t have to be chained to the nursing rocker all day anymore?!  Can I get an amen?!

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  • Red

    Love it!u00a0 She’s such a cutie!

  • Jurismater

    Rock it, B-mama. How about a mom’s sabbath this Saturday or Sunday… you know, a 3 hour workout and long shower at the gym, window-shopping at the mall, sunbathing, a mini-retreat before the Tabernacle, and never having to report back for milking. Congrats on a job well done, a year of nursing is a major accomplishment.

  • Anonymous

    You forgot the wine and chocolate. JM!u00a0nnCongrats, B-Mama! Welcome to this new tide!

  • Kat

    Bravo, B-Mama! I hope that the transition to “regular” milk goes smoothly – she sure looks happy 🙂

  • B-mama

    Oh Lord, do I wish, JM! 🙂 u00a0Some of your suggestions don’t even sound real to me anymore–what is sunbathing?! u00a0Even the 3-hour workout and shower would be retreat enough for me! u00a0I know I’m weird!n

  • Mary Alice

    I think that nursing to a year is a great achievement, but I am wondering how and why you weaned her — do you have a one year mental health cut off for yourself, do you sense that she is gradually weaning as you give more solids and offer the cup?u00a0

  • B-mama

    My answer to your question is D. All of the above. Like you mentioned, the year cut-off is a mental health break for me. I recognize that at that point my supply is low (I wean her in a matter of days) and her interest in nursing is waning. She’d rather be investigating, running around, etc. It seems to be a natural cut-off point. In the back of my mind I also know that she can now have whole milk and we don’t have to invest in expensive formula. We can also go straight to a sippy cup rather than a bottle. I seem to go through this post-nursing epiphany with each kid. I am overwhelmed with how much more TIME I have in my day now that we’re done!

  • Donna

    nAmen!u00a0 And it was worth it all to have such a healthy, happy, beautiful baby girl!u00a0 Enjoy your extra time!

  • Anonymous

    Our youngest daughter never did latch so my wife pumped and bottle fed.u00a0 Talk about a commitment of time.u00a0 It was a learning curve for my wife who had never pumped for any of the other kids.u00a0 But, she was determined to feed with breast milk.u00a0

  • A great accomplishment! She is adorable.u00a0nnhttp://adoptivus.blogspot.com

  • B-mama

    Beyond kudos to your wife, who did two if not three times the work of your average nursing mother!! u00a0That is amazing! u00a0I am always in awe of pumping mothers who continue for great lengths of time. u00a0It is such an awesome sacrifice! u00a0Builder Texas Mommy has done this for her boys and she is a total rock star mommy! u00a0Congrats to your wife for accomplishing this feat.