Halloween Candy Graphing | Building Cathedrals




I am reposting this so that anyone who is interested can be prepared.  I know that it is super dorky, but Candy Math has become a big part of our halloween tradition, and we really do visit lots of concepts which then help the children with math throughout the year.  Even with very young children, you can do a lot of math with one pack of m&ms!



Halloween Candy Graphing | Building Cathedrals.

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  • Kathy

    Thank you for the ideas. They will be fun and educational.

  • Amy B

    I love this idea, and will try it with my oldest this year.u00a0 Thanks for sharing.u00a0 I was alsou00a0wondering how the Builders manage the candy overload at this time of year.u00a0How much do you let your kids eat every day?u00a0 How do you deal with well-intentioned grandparents who OVER-spoil with candy and treats?u00a0u00a0u00a0I really struggle with a good balance in this area.u00a0 I think I often give in too much so I don’t have to deal with the whining.

  • Anonymous

    Our dentist has a “candy graveyard” where you turn in your candy over the two days after Halloween and they donate it to the troops. This gets the candy out of the house and the boys enjoy dumping it into the big pot and knowing the soliders get it.u00a0nnI also let them trade in their trick or treat candy for healthier options and then the rest is gone within 24 hours. Really, the dentist is doing us such a favor!!u00a0

  • Jurismater

    Good question Amy! I’m curious about this too. Our best solution, and the one we’ve used for a couple years now, is confiscate most of it and repurpose it in baking/desserts all winter and into the spring until Easter when the second insane candy rush comes. Crush it into baking bits (or use M&Ms) in cookies and brownies. My all time favorite is mix chopped candy bar of whatever variety with softened all natural vanilla ice cream, pour into graham cracker crust (storebought, 99 cents), refreeze, then slice into ice cream pie and serve for a special family dessert or with coffee at a dinner party. “Halloween Candy Pie” is ALWAYS a hit, even our fanciest dinner guests think it’s charming : )

  • Amy B

    Thanks ladies! Both great ideas! I found a place that will take our extra candy to send to the troops, and I will save the favorites for some yummy “Halloween Candy Pie”.u00a0 Sounds delicious!u00a0 n

  • Lisa

    Your “halloween candy pie” sounds like such a great idea!u00a0 Sounds easy, and what a fun treat for everyone!u00a0 Great idea!nnOne question – about how softened does the ice cream need to be for this recipe?u00a0 Do you leave it on the counter for 20 minutes or so, or is it more like an hour??u00a0 Thanks for the great idea!u00a0

  • Guest
  • Jurismater

    Lisa, 15-20 minutes… just soft enough to be able to stir in the candy, then refreeze in the pie crust as soon as possible. Enjoy : )