Belated Happy Gaudete Sunday

  • Kat

    Wow, Red, this picture of your precious children is a keeper! We have almost the exact same wreath and Nativity scene…There is something so special about lighting the Advent candles – a great memory for our children. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Mary Alice

    This is an incredible picture, thanks for sharing. Also, based on the Christmas card, I would like to be the first to endorse my godson for Senate!

  • Anonymous

    What sweet little cherubs!! Awesome picture!u00a0

  • B-mama

    Love the pic, Red! u00a0Beautiful–great captured light and childhood awe!

  • Kathy

    What a gorgeous photo! Great for the Christmas card and everything else. It really captures the reason for the season.u00a0

  • Helen

    Amazing photo!