Hope for Moms of Picky Eaters…

My 7 year-old son, who used to be the pickiest of eaters (he ate almost nothing in his younger years), just came home from school and ate, in one sitting:

-a bowl of blueberries


– 2 bananas with peanut butter

-and a slice of pumpkin bread

-all washed down with a glass of water

He used to eat only cheerios and yogurt, and drank only milk or apple juice. We have come a long way! My theory is that as long as you stick to good eating habits, kids will eventually realize that they are hungry and will (for the most part) start eating the foods that you offer them. Good luck to all of you moms of picky eaters – I feel your pain, but it will get better!

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  • Mary Alice

    What a relief, and what a fun picture!u00a0 How have you handled this along the way?u00a0 Do you just continue to serve/offer a variety of foods, or have you required him to taste things? nnAlso, I have the opposite problem, and I worry that those of my children who are not as active by nature may be building up habits of eating too much.u00a0 Any thoughts, perhaps from your social work training, on the subtle/healthy way to limit calories, without having food become a power issue for children?

  • Juris Mater

    Kat, great post, you’re so right, we’re ironing out those kinks ourselves, finally. What a relief! It has mostly happened by our continuing to have a variety of foods on the table and requiring some reasonable attempts before dessert. I think mom and dad eating wholesome foods sets an example that rubs off on the kids over time.nnThat picture is AWESOME! He must be eating great foods, he looks like an Olympic gymnast!

  • JMB

    I have two children who have a more muscular/athletic build and do eat more than my other two children.u00a0 My son is a high school wrestler and has to maintain his body weight during a long season, and fortunately, has been wrestling up from his natural weight this year.u00a0 The problem lies in the “off season” where if he does not maintain his workout regime, will easily put on weight because his body is used to eating a lot.u00a0 I try to keep him as active as possible – he walks or rides his bike to his friends’ homes.u00a0 I make him walk home from the school bus stop (of course he’ll catch a ride with a friend’s mom if he can:).u00a0 I also try to limit the amount of junk in the house.u00a0 And the last part is the easiest part because when kids grow up, the do eat more and your food budget goes through the roof!!!nnAs for my daughter, she has a similar physique as my son and is very strong.u00a0 She is a ballet dancer and plays basketball & lacrosse as well.u00a0 I try to gently remind her that she can’t eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants.u00a0 Ironically, I think that she will end up having a wonderful figure as an adult.u00a0 I think sometimes the kids that have to learn how to manage their weight as teenagers get a handle on it, and some of the heaviest people I know as adults, were skinny children that could eat whatever they wanted as kids and never gain a pound.

  • Rightsaidred Builder

    Love that photo.

  • Anonymous

    Love those growth spurts! I think of our future grocery bills with fear and trembling when I think of about how much 4 teenage boys will eat!!u00a0

  • Mary Alice

    My own picky eater just tried and liked Chana Masala — curried chick peas!u00a0 what a difference a few years makes!

  • Christina

    This is very encouraging to read. I have a 15 month old son that is sooo picky. Most days I feel like I am losing my mind trying to find something that he will eat. So it’s nice to hear that some day (years later…sigh) he will want to eat. Hallelujah.

  • Kat

    Yes, there is hope! Just stick to your good habits, and your son will reach a turning point somewhere around age 3-4, I promise!