After stalling for the better part of 3 or more  years, only giving a slight trim when it became clear that his sweet blonde locks were impairing his vision, my husband finally prevailed on me to cut Incredibaby’s hair. He looks like a different little person and it is a good thing that our baby will be here soon or I would have had a nervous breakdown over how grown up he looks.

Other than one very unpleasant haircut at a kids salon when our oldest boy was about 18 months, I have cut all the boys’ hair. 9 months out of the year in Texas I do it outside on the patio, but we do it  inside when it is 40 degrees and raining. All in all, it is a time, stress and money saver and we have had the added bonus of seeing their hair incorporated into birds’ nests in our backyard, so I feel very eco-friendly as well.

But our little man has the finest, wispiest hair. Instead of just falling into the bathtub (where I make them stand when I have to do it inside) it floated all over the bathroom and covered every surface. Some may even be suspended in the air still. I have had to wash the clothes I was wearing several times as it has the strange magnetic property that makes it stick like glue while weighing nothing.

Which is when my husband reminded me of the flowbee, a vacuum and hair cutter in one. With 4 boys, it would pay for itself almost instantly. Has anyone actually used this or does it just deserve it’s place as an infomercial punchline?

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  • Kat

    He does look older! I can’t imagine cutting my toddler’s hair, because of the curls that I just know won’t grow back…but the day will come, and it will be a sad one for me :)nWhat a cutie, Tex! Let us know what you discover about the Flowbee!

  • Rightsaidred Builder

    You did a GREAT job on his hair!u00a0 He looks so much nicer with a clean cut!!!u00a0 Good job mama!u00a0 We are not into boys with long hair around here.u00a0 It seems so many moms are so sad to cut toddler boy hair.u00a0 I don’t understand?u00a0 They look so nice and neat with a short clean cut.nnMr. Red cuts all our boys hair, and he does it regularly.u00a0 He admits to a secret dream of being a barber.u00a0 I must admit that I have threatened to take the kids to the barber when Mr. Red delays a haircut due to our busy schedule.u00a0 Seeing Gus’ curls on the floor is a tiny bit sad, but he looks so much nicer when all that hair around his ears is shaved off!nnMy sister-in-law just shaves her boys heads, giving them all a military look.u00a0 I think that’s an easy solution for a mom that is nervous about the clippers but wants her boys to look well-groomed (Much better than hair that is too long, IMHO).u00a0 I have not heard of the flowbee, but I’m interested to hear the reviews.u00a0 With so many boys under your roof, it might be worth the investment.

  • Steph

    I don’t have personal experience with the flowbee, but my husband’s family used one when he was growing up and he does not have fond memories…I think he didn’t like that it wasn’t a great hair cutter and pulled his hair. u00a0His mother (who I believe would have continued to use it despite mild discomfort to her children and husband if it kept things clean :)) did not use it for very long–so I might say it’s not all it’s cracked up to be 🙂

  • Juris Mater

    Handsome haircut!!u00a0nnAll I can think about is what would happen if the Flowbee malfunctioned in some way…

  • Kate E

    My Jack has similar hair and I find myself unable to cut it. You actually did a great job, I find I just make it look really severe like each little cut shows up in a stark line. And I can’t shave it, sorry Red, he has an enormous head and very blonde hair and it’s just not a good look. So he goes off to my hair salon with my husband (who also has an enormous head and I made him swear off barbershop hair cuts when we started dating because he always looked like Charlie Brown).u00a0 Since we all use the salon they never charge much if anything for Jack’s cut and she uses the fancy scissors so it blends in.u00a0 nnI’ve heard the flowbee pulls like the dickens. I’d just cut your little guys hair outside, just wait for a sunny day even if it’s not that warm and dress in non-static clothes and wet it well first.n

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I was having issues formatting/uploading in WordPress and was too exhausted to try another pic!

  • Anonymous

    Great point about the non-static clothes. We were both wearing fleece…maybe that is why it was a magnet for the hair!u00a0nnI can’t imagine my kids being happy if the flowbee thing really pulled on their hair. They are very compliant with the system we have and it only costs me a popsicle at the end, so I should probably not rock the boat.nnLove that your husband and son have salon dates!u00a0

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t cut my goddaughter’s curls!!! She wouldn’t be able to get away with nearly so much, like being fully clothed in the bathtub 🙂

  • Amy B

    nnWe haventwo boys and also cut both of their hair. We cut it wet in the bathtub withnscissors most of the time, but just used the clippers on our oldest recently.nHe has pretty fine hair too, but we were able to contain most the mess bynhaving him stand in the tub. The only problem was that he got so itchy duringnthe haircut because of all the hair falling on his face. Perhaps having him sitnwould have prevented him from wiggling and getting hair all over his face.u00a0u00a0It all ended up washingu00a0off during his bath that followed. u00a0I bet thenfleece was a magnet for the hair. Maybe try dampening the hair a little morennext time. I don’t have any experience with the Flobee, but it always seemednlike one of those “too good to be true” gadgets. nnnnnGlad to know I am not the only “cheap” mom who cuts her boys’ hair. Infelt a little self-conscious about it after Christmas when my father-in-lawn(who gave us our clippers) warned us “not to give our boys crew cuts”nbecause “that was all he had growing up.” I guess I didn’t realizenthat there were “stylish” haircuts on boys! I thought that was one of the easy things aboutu00a0havingu00a0boys.u00a0 These things don’t matter, right?:)u00a0 What do I know?u00a0 :)u00a0 I think your husbandu00a0did a great job!u00a0 He looks handsome!u00a0nnn

  • Renee

    Oh, little J looks soooo cute, and so grown-up now!u00a0 I’m right there with you on struggling to cut the baby’s hair — it seems so much easier to do when a new baby is on the way!u00a0 So perhaps I will cave in August?!?!u00a0 Right now, I’m still too smitten with hisu00a0long curls!u00a0 :)u00a0n

  • texasmommy