Brand New All Over Again

Two weeks ago we welcomed our newest Incredi-bundle, a handsome baby boy!

(We usually make more timely announcements, but all the builders have had a lot on their plates recently!)

Bundle of joy could not be a more appropriate term.

When our third son was born, our oldest was not even 3, so I essentially had 3 babies.

This has been a whole new experience with three aware brothers to welcome our baby into the world!

No yawn, smile or hiccup goes unnoticed by adoring brothers.

I am constantly fielding requests to feed him, hold him, smell him, share all sorts of blankies and animals and toys with him.

The second they walk in the door they tear around the house to establish where he is and what he is doing and if they can help him in any way.

People assume that, because we’ve been down this road before, that a baby is old hat by this point.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

With each little one I am even more in awe of the miracle, the treasure and the responsibility of each precious life.

I now know that, despite what the books say, the only thing to expect is the unexpected.

I never imagined our first broken bone would be our newborn’s clavicle. Or that we would have a baby with some hair.

He even has his own designer clothes line.

There are those moments amidst the swirling chaos (one son just dumped dead bugs all over the kitchen table, one son got the mail and informed me the wind blew it across the street) when I forget I am even holding our baby until another boy tugs at my leg to ask sweetly if he can hold him.  And I am instantly reminded of this precious treasure.

Now We Are Six

“You formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mother’s womb. I praise you, because I am wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:13


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  • Kellie “Red”

    Love it. Beautiful pics, beautiful family!

  • Congratulations! What a beautiful baby boy and how blessed he is to be in your precious famiy!

  • Bethany “B-mama”

    Love, love, love. This brings such joy to my heart!!

  • Kathy

    Congratulations! You look great in your photos! All the photos are so sweet. I love the designer onesies – good project to welcome a new sibling. It is fun when the older ones are “older” as the attachement with their new sibling will stay. We have that with our 3 – the oldest still loves to “take care” of the youngest and our middle one is the youngest’s “playmate”. There are days when they don’t get along but when push comes to shove – there is unity.

    It looks like you are all enjoying this change to your lives. Have fun with it all – and get some rest!

    Congratulations again.

  • Juris Mater

    Tex, totally, this is beautiful and everything you say is so true. We had the same–our third was born when our oldest was still two–then 3 years of space. When we brought our fourth-born home to 3 “older” siblings, he was an absolute celebrity rockstar from the get-go, and it hasn’t worn off a bit, he turns 1 tomorrow. They remain obsessed with everything he does and most of the fights in our house are over who gets to bring him his blankey, “nurse” him (hold him while feeding him his bottle–is it weird that my kids think they’re nursing my baby? : )), pick the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms to give him a treat, greet him after his nap, choose his outfit in the morning. I guess that anyone who suggests that later-born siblings are neglected or lacking in love and attention probably has never seen what it’s really like!

    Tex, it’s so beautiful and joyful and hopeful to see how you’re thriving. Congrats, and thanks for sharing your joy with us!!

  • Congrats, Tex, you all look great!

  • The Nichols

    Beautiful! Congratulations – we are so excited for you.

  • Thank you for the pictures and update, Tex! We are so, so glad he’s here, so proud of you, so happy for the six Incredibles!

  • MaryAlice

    Congratulations! I love the onesies, we’ll have to copy that sweet idea.

  • JMB

    Congratulations! He’s beautiful.

  • Ana

    congratulations!! can you explain how your newborns clavicle broke?!

  • Kellie “Red”

    Tex can explain the particulars of her little man’s break, but it is not uncommon for a newborn to break his/her clavicle on delivery if they are large and/or poorly positioned. My perfectly positioned 10 pound 13 ounce boy broke his clavicle on delivery. He was just so big that something had to give! It usually heals very well within a week or two, but in rare cases there can be complications. How is Patrick’s healing?

  • Texas Mommy

    My other favorite trick they are doing is when he opens his sweet, unfocused blue eyes, the kids all fight to get in his line of sight to declare that he is looking at them! Also, whenever he cries, our three year old asks if he needs a brother…it is too cute!

  • Texas Mommy

    The fabric markers are much easier for the little ones to do, rather than the fabric paint!

  • Texas Mommy

    Thanks, Ana! Unlike Red, I don’t have babies as big as a 6 month old 🙂 but this one was my biggest baby at 7#, 7oz. He never turned into an anterior position, so has shoulder dystocia as a result of his positioning rather than size, where one shoulder is stuck under my bone. This has always been my greatest fear about not birthing in a hospital, but the midwives handled it beautifully. I have now had 3 of 4 births with malpositioned babies, so I’m not sure what I will do in the future.

  • Texas Mommy

    He’s doing great! We got the all clear from the ped on Tuesday to let him move his arm, which he can do without pain now. It is healing wonderfully. It seemed like about day 12 was when he could move it without pain when he was unswaddled for diaper changes.
    Thanks to Queen B for her expert reassurance and advice!

  • Renee

    It is such a joy to see these pictures of everyone, so happy and rejoicing in this precious new bundle of love. What a gift! The boys were especially touched to see their buddies holding Patrick; it makes them even more excited to be greeting their new brother in a few months. Sending you love and hugs!

  • Texas Mommy

    WHAT!?!? A brother? For sure?!?

  • Helen

    Congratulations! He is gorgeous! I love how happy your other kids are about their new brother :o)

  • Renee

    We didn’t mean to find out, but the sonographer accidentally scanned a bit too far down …. 🙂

  • Amy Henry

    A new baby is always good news. Congratulations, Tex!!