This Little Lady

I snapped this pic after she rolled for the first time.

Josie is already 4 and a half months old and just started rolling from her back to her belly.  She’s very generous with her smiles, sleeps like a champ, and rarely cries.  Last week, Gianna put her down in the corner of our playroom, where she gradually just fell asleep.  Twenty minutes later, I couldn’t find her!  After a brief moment of panic, I spotted her lying, sound asleep, behind a dump truck, in the corner of our playroom.

After two fussy babies (not naming names here, but we all know who they are), I’d forgotten how seamlessly a low maintenance baby transitions into the family.  My time with her is really all joy.  She refills my cup and then I can somehow deal with the intense drama of my two toddlers.  I emerge from her smiles with a spring in my step, ready to clean up spilled juice, discipline a screaming child, or deal with a potty training accident.  I’m enjoying it while it lasts because right now, I honestly can’t imagine my sweet Josie ever doing anything wrong…

This face is what awaits me in the morning.

And yes, I actually took these pictures myself, which is why the top one is a little blurry. But at least I captured the moment.

I hope your week is off to a blessed start!

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  • MaryAlice

    Beautiful! I am really praying for an easy one like that! When she smiles, she looks so much like your other children, I see a lot of big brother C?

  • Kellie “Red”

    yes, I’ve learned that having a bunch doesn’t make them easy. Apparently, it is just a random occurrence. And yes, she looks soooooo much like C.

  • Karen

    God knows what we need, doesn’t He? I agree, she looks like #2 without his old man grimace. Sweet!

  • Melinda

    She is beautiful! Love the story about finding her behind a dump truck.

  • Juris Mater

    Melinda, I agree, misplacing your infant must be unique to larger families : )

  • Donna

    Precious smile! Angel babies like this are just a balm to a tired mommy. I’ve had a few of these easy, easy happy babies and when it’s all chaos around with kids you just look over at that angelface and all the tension melts away. So glad God sent you this little pink sunshine!