I Promise Honey, I’ve Got Things Under Control

Monday was a pretty crazy summer day in our household. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking, but let’s just say that one minor catastrophe followed another. Miraculously, at the end of the day we were all still smiling…Sometimes I think that I am better at handling chaos than I am at enduring the not-so-exciting challenges of daily life with young children! In any case, it all started with an innocent game of “mommy goes to the beauty parlor” with my girls:

As I was getting my hair done and my nails “painted” in the kitchen, the bathroom sink (which does not drain properly) was overflowing. Only by chance did I walk back to the bathroom when I did, and thankfully, no lasting damage was done.


The kids were enlisted to grab every available pool towel, mop up however much water they could, and throw the sopping towels into the bathtub:

As we were hauling the soaking wet towels to the washing machine, the toddler – who, by the way, was the culprit in leaving the bathroom sink running in the first place – decided to take off her diaper and run around the house, leaving a little bit of accident in a lot of different places. I didn’t take any pictures of this part.

I suppose I should also mention that earlier in the day, the cable on our minivan’s power door somehow snapped, landing our 1999 Sienna in the shop and stranding us at home. And while we were making scrambled eggs for lunch, Caroline burned the tip of her finger on the pan. I think that in the order of small catastrophes, that was all for us today!

At least our kids had a chance to fill in some of the spaces on their “Summer Activity Charts” today! We started out with a bang last week, but got sidetracked on the 4th of July and never got in a rhythm again. Hopefully, we can do better this week!


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  • Kat! I was just logging in to write a similar post — about how “the wheels come off the bus” in our house by midweek. One mess seems to lead to another, so there are monopoly pieces all over the house, a dryer full of wet towels that I forgot to switch last night (and cold, towel-less children at swim practice), etc.
    I am trying really hard not to let high expectations ruin my attitude, though. In the long run, my kids will not be hurt by waking up to dinner dishes still on the table (gross) because Mom is post-partum, but I think that they will remember if Mom is a stressed out, angry, teary mess.
    So, we all clean up the leaks together and laugh about it, or I put on Blues Clues and clean it up myself, and either way we move on, thankful that the problem of the moment is one that can be solved.

  • Texas Mommy

    This is great, Kat! My husband told me he would rather have me smiling at the end of the day than a tidy house. I would, honestly, rather have a tidy house, but I have come to realize that, at this stage, this is really just a form of pride, wanting to look like everything is all together on the outside while neglecting true charity on the inside!

  • Juris Mater

    We have had 3 jam-packed days of this sort ourselves after re-entry from a strenuous month of travels. A blessing came in the form of a phone conversation today with a wonderful Catholic mom of 7 children about 8 years ahead of me in this process. She gently reminded me to stop expecting to “find my groove”, there will be no groove until the children are much older and the babies are done coming… for now just hang on for dear life. Being able to laugh at the adventure–rather than become downtrodden by the constant medium-level catastrophes and public humiliation–is a grace that I need to remember to pray for. Thanks for this post, Kat, I’m glad to know we’re all in the same boat. My household is a 6-ring circus like never before, and we’re adding another baby in a month!

  • I also think that by the time I find the mini grooves — like I get a handle on the little league routine — they are ready to move on to something else, either as far as activities or developmentally. I joke with the other mom at the pool who has a baby, though, that 10 years from now our big boys will be in college, the other families will have moved on, and we will STILL be spending our tuesday nights at swim team — maybe after doing it for SO LONG i will have learned to switch the towels to the dryer in between practices 🙂

    JM, just think that almost nothing that this next baby can do will through you for a loop, you will just stand in the kitchen and say, been there, done that, what else you got for me today?

  • Bethany “B-mama”

    Add our family to the list of crazy ones… Our temp. groove is only there bc hubby GG is home for the week! Love that things go so smoothly with two sets of hands and now I’m dreading Monday morning when he’s back to work (but so grateful for the week off!) Kat, thanks for your honesty here. And btw, I love Christopher’s Summer list. What a great idea! I may make something similar for my boys!! Tell him his godmother is proud of him, especially for his help with chores!

  • Kellie “Red”

    Crazy here too! An eye infection (requiring an emergency Dr. visit), then a bee sting which swelled up terribly a few hours later, followed by a split lip that was bad enough I thought she needed stitches, and my head was spinning. Three different kids with three different traumas in three days. We are a three ring circus!

  • Juris Mater

    Yes, or else I will say “well, at least I’m not pregnant anymore so I can have a lager with lunch.”