Does this happen in homes with girls?

Double knife-wielding princess:

  • Katrina

    So funny, Tex :) What play set is this that your boys are playing with?

  • Saoirse

    LOL – least they feel a princess can be a hero!

  • Queen B

    Totally love this, Tex!

  • Kate e

    That’s pretty much what my daughter looks like every day. Sometimes she varies the gown vs tutu and sometimes she varies the weapon choice. It’s terrifying.

  • Mary

    LOL! Considering that my three girls are 1st and 3rd degree black belts, knife wielding is a reality in our house (along with swords and bo’s)! Perhaps, I should clarify that the knives, swords and bo’s are of the training variety… nothing sharp. 😉

  • Pat Gohn

    Try watching women’s fencing!

  • Kellie “Red”

    My two year old “kills” me with machine gun fire from a lego gun almost daily. So yes, this does happen in homes with girls!