Large Batch of Simple Maple Granola

1 32 oz. package of slow cooked oats (we use Quaker or a generic)

1.5 cups vegetable oil

1.5 cups maple syrup (or honey)

1 TBS cinnamon

1 TBS vanilla extract

1 TSP salt

(optional, 1 cup nuts)


Mix all ingredients, then bake at 350 in batches in a thin layer on cookie sheets.  We bake for 10 minutes and then stir, then bake in 5 minute intervals.  I try to take it out before it browns and let it cool, to make sure it is crisp enough.  We store it in a large jar on the counter and everyone can help themselves.  We eat it with milk or greek yogurt.  The kids seem to pick out the nuts, so I have stopped putting them in, but I think I will toast some nuts to keep on the side for myself.

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  • Juris Mater

    Yum, thank you! I love the simplicity.