Picture Me Imperfectly: Piles of Stuff

One of our smaller piles, in the background

Focus your attention not on the bacon (yum!) or the boy in the foreground, but rather on the pile of papers on the windowsill in the background, and you will have a small example of the piles of “stuff” that are scattered throughout my house. We have piles of artwork, piles of school papers, piles of mail, piles of books to be read, and of course, piles of Legos…You name it, and we probably have a pile of it somewhere in our house! Even with regular sorting and trashing, we still have piles. Our most established pile of stuff is probably the one on top of our piano, followed by the one on top of our kitchen counter, and then the one on the windowsill behind where my son sits. Sometimes, items will sit there for weeks or months, supposedly on their way to someone’s bookshelf or closet, without being touched. We are working on our pile problem, but it is quite insidious!

Just a quick glimpse into our daily life. Thanks to Kellie for sharing last week, and to our friend over at Capturing Motherhood for the great idea. Have a blessed Wednesday!

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  • JurisMater

    That is one awesome breakfast… and it doesn’t remind me at all of my own kids’ dry-storebought-cereal-in-a-ziplock breakfasts.

    I hear you on the piles, LOTS of maintenance required to keep them at bay.

  • http://www.buildingcathedrals.com/ Kellie

    Our piles got so bad that we designed spaces for “piles” so they are bigger, but there are less of them!

  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    Yes, and yes, Kat! I try to keep my piles hidden in baskets, but they are there nonetheless!!