Summer is in full swing

Me, Summer 2013. I’m even wearing my dangly earrings.

It has been a while since I have posted and well, we have been very busy.  Mornings at the pool and theatre camp, evenings on the baseball field or soccer field, and afternoons full of reading and backyard play in our brand new backyard batting cage! (see below)

I love the summer.  My extroverted side loves the hot weather and days at the town pool socializing with neighbors.  I love bare feet, the beach, frozen fancy drinks, and my vegetable garden.  I love morning runs in bright sunlight, and I even love a good detox sweat from running in the warm humid morning summer air.  Beats the heck out of February and the flu 😉

But summer is flying by and we. are. busy.  We had a few moments this afternoon to rest and I immediately heard, “I’m bored.”  Are you kidding me?  I assigned some chores (don’t tell me you are bored or you will have to clean) and then I spent afternoon quiet time drawing the above picture.  My kids wanted to know why I was holding so many things.  “The bag looks empty mom, you should put some of the stuff in there.”  Yeah kids, the issue is really that I don’t have a big enough bag.

Sadly, I was unable to draw the sound of a screaming 18 month old into the photo.  So I decided to leave the baby out completely for fear that this photo could resurface during therapy years later.

This vocation really is a juggling act, and we moms are center stage.  For me, everything is easier to juggle when it is warm.  I hope you are all enjoying your summer.  And a Happy Belated 4th of July!

Annual Porch Swing 4th of July shot. This was the best of the bunch.
Yes we have a protective screen for the pitcher. Don’t worry 😉
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