Thursday Kid Poetry

Sarah Cynthia Sylvia StoutWould not take the garbage out!She'd scour the pots and scrape the pans,Candy the yams and spice the hams,And though her daddy would scream and shout,She simply would not take the garbage out.And so it piled up to the ceilings:Coffee grounds, potato peelings,Brown bananas, rotten peas,Chunks of sour cottage cheese.It filled the can, it covered the floor,It cracked the window and blocked the doorWith bacon rinds and chicken bones,Drippy ends of ice cream … [Read more...]

May is National Poetry Month

Friends, I am a poetry-lover. To me, reading a poem feels like eating a small, but decadent piece of chocolate torte. The words make me feel alive and human and pricked at the soul.In honor of national poetry month, please allow me to share four of my favorite adult poems on the Tuesdays of May and four great ones for kids on the Thursdays of May."Hope"It hovers in dark cornersbefore the lights are turned on it shakes sleep from its eyes and drops from mushroom gills, it explodes in the … [Read more...]

Train Tracks

Friends, I am looking for your recommendations on the best websites from which to purchase lots of this:We are overseas, so I do not have the luxury of going to a store, so websites only if you please. My 2yr.-old trainhead (and the rest of us) thank you. … [Read more...]

The Futile and Joyful W/a 2-Yr. Old Male

I have a 2.33 year-old son who revolutionizes my parenting daily. Many times strangers and friends alike have either commented that he is "all boy" or "soo two".... neither of which I think were particularly complimentary. He gives me no peace in his waking hours, but I don't think he has been sad for a moment in his life. Totally exuberant.As much trouble as this middle guy makes, I am still rewarded with little puffs of refreshment from the Holy Spirit every once in awhile. Or rather, moments … [Read more...]

The Dillema of the Modern Catholic Mother

100% unposed.Possible titles: "Jezebel gets a lesson." "Catholic School for Wooden Princesses." or "Mother-Daughter Homeschool Compromise." … [Read more...]


So adorable in the Easter morning sunlight, the serenity is written all over their sweet little innocent faces, ta ha haaa. … [Read more...]

Down with Grass

Ladies, Christmas may be 9 months away, but Easter is 9 days away and I have an urgent issue. What are your creative substitutes for Easter grass? I am NOT bringing that stuff into our home for another year. Last year my five-year-old daughter wanted to stuff it into ziploc bags, put pillow cases on them and use them for her animals. I am still finding pieces of the stuff. Does anyone have an attractive substitute? … [Read more...]

A Child of The Era of Changing Expectations

Recently my father and I were having a conversation in which he mentioned a local news story he had seen. He paraphrased the coverage and explained that the producers predicted that the recent economic downturn will create the first generation of North Americans whose living standards will be lower than their parents' material living standards. In other words, the home you make for your adult family will not be as nice as the one in which you grew up as a child. Until this point in U.S. history … [Read more...]

The Circle of Life

We spend the majority of our time and space on this blog discussing the inception of life-- the baby days, preschool days etc.-- however, this Christmas we are near my 92-year-old grandmother, which has provided me the opportunity to think about life at the other end of the spectrum.My parents are hosting my three young children and I at their home in San Diego while our Daddy is deployed this holiday season. They live in a cottagey home that is located several blocks away from the Assisted … [Read more...]