Birth Order: Fact or Fiction?

If you're anything like me you puzzle all day long trying to figure out your children.  These living, breathing, crying, whining, smiling, melting, wonderful, precious little creatures have been placed in our care and we aim to do the best job we can as their parents.  So why not a little bit of science and theory to help make it easier?  Why not pigeonhole them into stereotypes to ease our jobs and make sense of it all?  Alas, you all know as I do that this is impossible and that categorizing ou … [Read more...]

Nursing Joy

M (3.5 years): Mommy, when I get bigger maybe I can pump milk and feed it to Baby J. … [Read more...]

My favorite line from last night

"I'm not running for president because I think I'm blessed with such personal greatness that history has anointed me to save our country in its hour of need. My country saved me. My country saved me, and I cannot forget it. And I will fight for her for as long as I draw breath, so help me God." … [Read more...]

Funny Facts About Palin

Here are a few little known facts about Gov. Sarah Palin:*Sarah Palin’s enemies are automatically added to the Endangered Species List.*The diamonds in Sarah Palin’s earrings were crushed with her very hands.*Sarah Palin once carved a perfect likeness of the Mona Lisa in a block of ice using only her teeth.*Sarah Palin knows how old the Chinese gymnasts are.*Queen Elizabeth II curtsied when she was introduced to Sarah Palin.*Sarah Palin’s image already appears on the newer nickels.*Sarah Palin ca … [Read more...]

Earning My Stripes–Part II

In the spirit of Juris Mater's post about her afternoon outing to the bank with children, I have another tale to tell; another piece of documentation about motherhood. Will it win me "Mother of the Year"? I highly doubt it. But will it add to the growing layers of my motherly identity? You betcha. :)Just this past week my family has been at the beach, enjoying a final summer getaway before the school year begins. They live hundreds of miles away in the midwest, so this week has been a … [Read more...]

In the news

U.S. News and World Report thinks so.But I reckon there are at least 7 Builders out there who would sorely disagree! :)How can they really rank colleges anyway?  I will question this as long as we're #2!  lol. … [Read more...]

The Practice of Tidiness

As mothers and fathers, we are called upon throughout the day to practice a lot of things--patience, perseverance, discipline, godliness, holiness... and I would argue among these is TIDINESS. Yes, I'm placing the orderliness of one's home right alongside the most Godly traits above. Why?Because I believe everyone (yes everyone) has the ability to practice tidiness; to harness the habit of an orderly lifestyle so that life runs a little smoother. And I would argue that with more tidiness comes … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding 101

As we have joyfully welcomed boy #3 into our home and hearts, I have begun the breastfeeding journey once again...  It is a well-worn road in our home and one that I cherish traveling with each of my children.  Baby J is no exception and has been taking to feeding famously!  Hallelujah!Though with each child I'm learning that everything is different and in some ways, it's like I'm a new mother all over again.  Thank goodness for the lactation nurse who I met the other day at our pediatrician's of … [Read more...]

Work I Never Expected

I can remember the day I sat down with a friend to hear how the first months of her marriage had gone. She was one of the first of "my girls" to get married--the rest of us looking to her to report back on her marital findings before the we "took the plunge"! We were meeting up at a coffee shop and I couldn't wait to hear about how "over the moon" she was now being married to her beloved husband; how they were madly in love; how their intimacy was like no other; how life was like clockwork and … [Read more...]

While we are still waiting to hear details,CONGRATULATIONS to Texas Mommy and family on the arrival of their newest baby boy last night!!!!Both Mommy and baby are well.  Praise God!More details to come... … [Read more...]