Ashes… Get Your Ashes…

A MOST blessed Ash Wednesday to you!Have you observed the phenomenally high attendance at Ash Wednesday Mass? It blows me away every single year. This morning, the pews were packed at the 8am Mass, in a parish that echoes with empty pews on Sundays. This afternoon at the noon Mass (when I was getting Bella from school), the same church parking lot was a lawless traffic jam, incapable of accommodating all the mass-goers.It's not only the sheer number of attendees that catches my eye; it's the … [Read more...]

I Get to Keep Them

We are preparing for our world to turn upside down in a month when we head to Europe for the rest of 2010 for my husband’s dissertation research. We five have become quite comfortable here in our Philadelphia suburb--as comfortable as we can be in a small two bedroom apartment! It took a very strenuous move and a couple years of disorientation and loneliness, but four years later, we are thriving: (1) I have met several lovely friends of the soul whom I can call on anytime, to drop the k … [Read more...]

The Gift of an Ordinary Day

Friends: I hope you enjoy this video. I'm so thankful for all the older mothers, those with grown children, who take the time to remind younger mothers like me of the gift of these days. It's wild how easy it is to race around meeting urgent demands and miss the small joys--it seems to take a little self-restraint and a lot of grace to be able to pause and live in the moment. Please Lord help me to take better care to savor these moments. … [Read more...]