Co-sleeping: from Queen B, our Building Cathedrals Medical Mom

Thanks to Queen B, our dear sister and doctor mom, for the following information (and I tossed in an image for your enjoyment):What a billboard to drive by!  If nothing else good can be said about it, it has sparked a great conversation about an important subject, namely co-sleeping.  It would be interesting to know who sponsored the billboard, because as with many things in life, context is everything.Juris Mater's question about the safety of co-sleeping, prompted by the billboard, is an … [Read more...]

Is co-sleeping irresponsible?

Last weekend, while driving home from the airport, my mom saw a huge billboard near a major hospital with a picture of a pretty female doctor that read:"I'll be the last one to see your baby. I do autopsies. Never sleep with your baby."Is there really strong enough medical evidence now that cosleeping endangers infants? I thought the debate was mostly philosophical and a matter of personal preference. Such a strong statement is tantamount to something like "on demand nursing of infants … [Read more...]

Friday with Four

B-mama's awesome post for today and AWOL's comment have motivated me to report our news: our baby boy was born Tuesday night at 8:23, 9 lbs, 21 inches. He's adorable, and this is the best babymoon yet. It gets better every time.Life with four kids is thrilling already, and a bit of a circus, even with my mom here to help. Here's a totally candid picture of my three-year-old from just now (don't worry, I lost this peri bottle as soon as we returned home from the birth center, so it's unused... … [Read more...]

Thoughts for Thursday (pm edition)

Something that made me think?One week away from my due date with our fourth baby, I am reflecting on... natural childbirth. It's a gift and a blessing. I love the preparation required at this pre-labor stage. The way that my mind and body naturally fall into a relaxed and introspective, home-oriented and spiritually open state (otherwise atypical for my temperament!), preparing for the mind-body-spirit unity that I need to birth naturally. And with Good Friday just behind us, I love the way … [Read more...]

Four year old boys and tee ball

Is there anything more fun, or cuter, in the world?I think I've been looking forward to my son's first tee ball game since the day he was born. Beautiful spring evenings, picnic dinners, Gatorade mustaches, energetic boys, ADORABLE uniforms, supportive coaches, meeting new friends.It's such a blessing to be emerging from the lonely land of the pre-school years into these exciting and enriching days of school and organized neighborhood activities. The kids are vivacious and interesting and … [Read more...]

Lullaby Prayer Time

I've been trying for several years to figure out (1) when my optimal time of the day is for 20 minutes of mental prayer and (2) how to make our bedtime routine more pleasant.Dilemma 1: A gruff bedtimeWe have a nice bathtime, storytime, and family prayer routine in the evening, and then once that's over, we are strict with the lights out and quiet. Also, many nights I do the bedtime routine alone (= very tired and no time for foolery). The day doesn't usually end sourly with the kids, but … [Read more...]

Mrs. TurboTax

One of my very favorite two-day segments of each year is right now, in mid-February, when all our W-2 and 1099 forms are in. For two nights, I get to put the kids to bed, spread our documents across the living room, fire up TurboTax and do our taxes. Yes, part of the appeal is that, as a graduate student family with three children, we pay little tax up front but still manage to qualify for a refund that's about equivalent to our annual tithe. AND it always somehow coincides with an expense or … [Read more...]

Love your job?

I enjoyed this recent post by our dear friend and sister Queen B.My husband and I spend a good amount of time discussing how much someone working outside the home should expect to love his/her work. I'd imagine most wives consider this question, as we encourage our husbands through the cycle of excitement and tedium of professional life. We've all encountered the individuals who profess repeatedly, "Man, I love my job. I just wish everyone loved their job as much as I do. I'm so sad for the pe … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Delinquent

AWOL was at our house for Thanksgiving; her default position is on the couch reading to her children, and even her energetic 3 year old boy sits still. MaryAlice’s kids ask me to read to them every time I’m over for as far back as I can remember knowing them. Red always brings books along, even away from home to settle her kids in the evening or at hyper times, and they settle in and listen. It’s no secret that Texas Mommy is the read-aloud queen. Kat has the patient and peaceful temperament to r … [Read more...]

There is no right way to wear a mullet.

One of the more interesting cultural encounters I have had during our last 9 months of Euro/British travels was at an English hair salon.I grew up in Alabama where mullets were not uncommon. Being a blunt-cut kind of gal back then, I never ventured into the "business up front, party in the back" she-mullet style myself, although Alabama would have been the place to give it a whirl.I never expected that England would give me a second chance. Mullets are everywhere here, particularly among … [Read more...]