Prayer Request

I meant to get this up earlier, but we were having Internet trouble.Over the past few weeks, the builders have been emailing some special needs among ourselves and offering our housework for one another. This week, I wanted to extend a prayer request to all of our readers.K is a young woman like us with a young family, but she has heart complications and as a result her current pregnancy is high risk for mom and baby. Can you please all pray for her? I am going to be offering my heart-healthy … [Read more...]


I love you when you empty the dishwasher, and, what is more, when you don't. … [Read more...]

Abraham Lincoln Unit Study

In addition to our school curriculum, we usually have a themed read aloud unit going in our house, following the cycle of the year, so while we are officially learning about the Ancient World in history, in February we also learn about the presidents.Today we celebrate Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday. For homeschoolers, or those wishing to supplement their children's education, I thought I would share some of the resources that my family is using to get to know the 16th president. Please be … [Read more...]


Here is something to read if you can wrestle your kid away from Starlight, thanks AWOL, we have been using it all morning. Does anyone have a website recommendation for free math drills? I'm a big nerd, but I used to love Math Shop when I was a kid, and PT could use some multiplication practice. … [Read more...]

Back in the Saddle

This is Dh's last week of paternity leave, and I have decided to ease the transition by pretending, during the day, that he is not actually here. This has meant two days of "real" school work while he does errands or other work around the house in the mornings.I am doing this trial run because Tex wrote that she needs to be aware of her "ups and downs." and set herself up for success. I followed her advice and reflected on why I was so afraid of DH going back to work, and what I could do … [Read more...]

current occupation: Mom

I thought our readers might be interested in this article by my grandfather's cousin, who is still an active journalist at 82 years of age. Interestingly, two New York City moms were mentioned for Clinton's New York Senate seat, Caroline Kennedy, and a current congressional Rep, Caroline Maloney (a Princeton parent). Neither of them got it. Sometimes I wonder if I will re-enter the workforce one day, and how I will answer for the large "employment" gap on my resume, certainly our time is not … [Read more...]

There’s always next year…

In spite of my husband's best play off beard efforts, the Eagles did not deliver the NFC championship. It was an interesting experiment, being married to someone with facial hair, and I am glad that he will be shaving tonight, though I would have liked to see the all-Pennsy Super Bowl. This season I have embraced my family's devotion to the birds and come to appreciate the governor's post game comments, but I must confess that I will be glad to have Sunday afternoons back. … [Read more...]

Tackling Mount Washmore

A long time ago, a reader asked about our system for dealing with clothing. Ours is an elaborate one, and will take several posts to fully explain, but I wanted to begin with something that we are focusing on at home right now: the laundry system.One difficult thing about laundry, like other housework, is that it never feels "done" -- you can get all of your clothes put away, but unless you are naked while you do it there will be clothes in the hamper again before you go to sleep! I find this … [Read more...]

Saturday Everyday

While the Catholic Mom blogosphere is filled with posts about the wonderful twelve days of Christmas, and how Christmas isn't over, and how we can keep celebrating, I am all partied out! We are so blessed that my husband's job gives him time off ("Paternity Leave") when he has a baby, so he will be home with us for a few weeks. We are also blessed that our new baby has an easy temper and that I have recovered well, so we are more or less up and running, or at least we could be. The thing is, … [Read more...]

Book Suggestions for a Friend of JM’s

Here is the message, please comment if you have experience with these books or others that have been helpful:I was wondering if I could have a quick bit of advice. I am a newwife and mother who is interested in creating a vibrant Catholic homein tune with the rhythms of the liturgical year, but I am a completeneophyte when it comes to all of this. I was recently given a giftcertificate to Borders and would like to use it to purchase aguidebook for cultivating a Catholic home. I came across … [Read more...]