For Your Reading — and Shopping Pleasure

Catholic Company ( offering the following special for reviewers and their readers:we have a special offer this week for your blog readers. We are offering free shipping from now until Midnight Sunday...on any size order.If you think that this is something your readers would be interested in knowing about, then please spread the word.1. Simply place an order. You can place this order through our website, by phone, by fax, or by mail.2. Use this coupon code: BLOGIf you … [Read more...]

The Hair Cut Resolution — Natural Consequences=Life Lessons

I wanted to fill you in. First, I did speak to her rather seriously in the moment, but instead of yelling I got right down on her level and talked to her in a stern voice. I also had her get out a dust pan and clean up the hair. This was the immediate consequence of her action, which I think is a good life lesson: if you make a mess, you have to clean it up, and if you do something that someone has specifically asked you not to do, they are going to be annoyed.Next, following the advice of … [Read more...]

Advice Needed

Well, here is where you get to see just how imperfect my household is, but a little bit of reality is good for all of us, plus, I am really at a loss and could use your help:Tonight, I caught MaryB with scissors cutting her own hair for the 4th time this month. I am not including pictures, but with the trims I have done to even things out she is starting to look quite boyish, and now once again one side is way shorter. We were getting away with headbands to mask it, but I think now we are … [Read more...]

What ‘s a mother to do — delegate!

I know you have all been through this at some point this summer: We are on vacation and the baby, who normally sleeps well in his own room, is in a pack and play in our room. When we tiptoed in around 11, after having pajama-ed ourselves in the hallway, the sleeping baby rolled over and started to make those lighter breath sounds that let you know it's all over but the crying. As soon as I had settled into bed and closed my eyes he started to wail. After a minute or two, it was an on and off … [Read more...]

Two articles for your consideration

"Miss Conceptions" on Slate, on presidential candidates daughters"In Defense of Marrying Young" on Faith and Family … [Read more...]

The Teenage Pregnancy Question

I have a serious question for the women and men of America: if your daughter got pregnant at 17, would she tell you? I think that this is a huge test of a parent/child relationship, and on this particular front Sarah Palin passed. Her daughter came to her, told her the truth, and asked for and received her support. Elizabeth Foss has a great post on the subject. As American Christians, it can be hard for us to see imperfection. We hang on to the idea that if someone else has "done it right," … [Read more...]

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying the last of summer, we will have a day by the pool and then start school tomorrow! It has been a busy and exciting summer of moving and living and yard work, and we are thankful. I love fall!Today please join me in prayers for my friend Sue, her baby is due tomorrow, but maybe today will be her labor day! Sue, may your labor be safe, short and soon! … [Read more...]

Take the Gloves Off, Boys

(New York Times photo of Governor Sarah Palin sitting on a bear skin)Last night I had dinner with an old friend who is a very active Democrat. He has worked in politics, both on the Hill and as a volunteer for a number of campaigns, including Obama. He is very enthusiastic about the ticket he will vote for in November. We are friends, and there is an awful lot we can agree on, but I was surprised by two things:First, I was surprised by how quickly my saying I was excited about Palin's nomination … [Read more...]

How we handle Paper

Erin wrote:Our biggest problem area is paper-- mail, bills, cards, owners manuals, newspapers, interesting magazine articles, letters, shopping lists, coupons, receipts we think we might need but really never will... all this paper seems to take over our kitchen and family room and drive me crazy. Any tips for controlling the paper frenzy?My father in law has a saying "you take your mail, and you deal with it" -- what that meant to the young adults who had come back to the nest after college was … [Read more...]

Our First Book Review

A Civilization of Love by Carl AndersonAWOL Mommy said:So, our first book choice was A Civilization of Love: What Every Catholic Can Do to Change the World by Carl Anderson. Honestly, I was drawn to the book by its ambitious subtitle, however, it failed to deliver. Anderson brings an impressive biography to the challenge -- head of the Knights of Columbus, former Reagan advisor, staff of JP II -- however, this tome is too grand in scope and ambitious in what it tries to accomplish in a mere 173 … [Read more...]