My Top 10 Most Influential Books

I've been taking a break from blogging to tend to the regular demands of family life.  I am resurfacing this morning to share a booklist.  I compiled this booklist in response to a Facebook challenge from my sister.  It was a fun exercise.  This is not a list of the best 10 books I have ever read, but rather the most influential.  And so much of how a books hits you is related to where you are at a given point in your life when you read the book.  The Lamb's Supper came into my hands just as I wa … [Read more...]

Education Links!

Happy Monday!  Our homeschool year is winding down and we will be finished this Friday.  We take about 2 months off every summer to focus on swim team, theatre, and various summer camps.  We will do limited school work, mostly fun supplemental stuff, with children who are home daily.  In years past we schooled 1/2 days for most of the summer, but as time has passed I have found the summer break to be important for my sanity, and that of my kids!  Of course they do regress in certain areas, but we … [Read more...]


What have we been doing?  This.And this.And this.And I know there are some moms reading this blog who see baseball season as an absolute chore.  Dinner must be served and eaten by 5pm.  Younger siblings must be entertained on the sideline.  You tell them again and again that they cannot eat another snack.   You must remind these younger ones that they used the potty right before they left, and so there is really no need to treck across another field to use a very dirty bathroom and mi … [Read more...]

Quick Links Post

Hi Ladies,Two quick links of interest --1)  Being Lonely -- addressing stay at home moms, the internet, and our emotional need for connecting with other adults.  Good stuff.2)  Kids Staying Home Alone, 7 Points to Consider -- some of us have children old enough to leave home alone.  We are just started to enter that phase here, and I thought these were some good things to think about.Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Seasonal Allergies and Behavior

Good afternoon!  Just a few quick thoughts here on seasonal allergies and behavior in children.  The pollen has been kicking around here, I'm dusting my porch and cars off daily, and the lawn mowers are humming with a fresh grass smell in the air.  I am sneezing, my eyes are itchy, and I am getting some headaches.  Nothing severe, just an annoying part of the spring for me.  My sleep is generally poor during this time of year, and I am more sluggish.  But a poor night of sleep, a runny nose, and … [Read more...]

Holy Week Begins ~ Sharing our Faith in Little Ways

It is Monday of Holy Week, and we are about to embark on the holiest and most special time of the year in our Faith.  I awoke this morning feeling slightly overwhelmed by all the obligations of Holy Week.  As I opened up my calendar and e-mail to make a plan, I had the most lovely note in my inbox.A little background first --yesterday, we attended a beautiful Palm Sunday procession and Mass at our Parish.  This year, our Pastor asked the First Communicants to bring a loaf of bread to the Ma … [Read more...]

Dear Grieving Mothers ~

I had the honor of attending a memorial Mass today.  The precious firstborn son of a sweet couple in our Parish was laid to rest.  His birth was greatly anticipated.  His death was not.  Our Parish was full of loving friends and family.  Tears flowed freely as his tiny little casket was wheeled into the Church.  There should never, ever, be a need for a casket so small.  Death is hard enough, but the death of an innocent child is almost too much for anyone to bear.  And the tiny casket is like a … [Read more...]

Winter’s Last Punch

As I cleaned my yard and raked dead leaves and sticks out of my bushes on Saturday, I tried to ignore a warning that we were in for another storm.  More snow, my neighbors shared, shaking their heads and lamenting the worst winter they can ever remember.It was nearly 60 degrees on Saturday, with a beautiful warm sunshine.  There were crocuses sprouting up throughout my yard.  Those little purple flowers always give me such hope.  Spring is nearly here, they say, and I believe the … [Read more...]

A Winter Escape

It is not every year that we plan a winter vacation to Florida.  But, as luck would have it, this winter of all winters was the perfect year to escape the northeast.  We made the long 18 hour drive to Marco Island in Florida (as far south as it gets on the gulf coast), and boy was that time in the car worth it!  I hope these pictures make you all feel just a little bit warmer.Moments after arriving, I took this shot of Josie on the beach.  Nothing cuter than those bare baby legs on the bea … [Read more...]

Thankful for Uncertainty

My son made his first penance on Saturday and I was blessed enough to also grab a few moments in the confessional.  Our family is going through a pretty intense time of transition, and so, among other sins, I confessed a serious lack of trust in God.  Trust is a real struggle for me.  Most especially, and perhaps not surprisingly, I struggle during times of change or uncertainty.  It is very hard for me to let go of control.  So I explained all this to the priest, and said that I really want to b … [Read more...]