Check your own shoes, first!

This time of year is beautiful in Texas and we spend long weekends outside planting and gardening and bug collecting. I have drilled and drilled into the boys' heads that they are supposed to take off their muddy shoes before they come into the house. Of couse, they are little boys, and often, in some Very Exciting Moment (like the discovery of a new bug) someone will charge in to retrive a bug box or a butterfly identification sheet or fulfill the burning desire to "show Mommy" something that … [Read more...]

Doing Good Things

If you visited Princeton anytime in the last 16 years, chances are you were blessed with an encounter with Father Thomas Mullelly. Father Tom, or FT, is an iconic figure on campus. While I know our readers extend well beyond Princeton, I also know that each of the builders has been bolstered in our faith, prayer and apostolate by our beloved Father Tom. There are few on campus of any denomination or creed who do not know Father Tom. As head of the Aquinas Institute, Father Tom has presided over … [Read more...]

Further Explanation Needed

Our big boys enjoy the tradition of adding dried beans to a mason "sacrifice jar" for the extra sacrifices they make during Lent and have a good handle on what constitutes a sacrifice for Jesus. The baby, not so much.Incredibaby addressing Daddy: "Can I put a bean in the rack-fice jar?"Daddy: "Why? What did you do?"Very sincere 2 year old: "I finished all my dessert!" … [Read more...]

Hymn for Lent

This hymn is the very first thing in my Lenten binder. The words are simply beautiful. A blessed Ash Wednesday to you all.Hymn at Matins for the Office of Lent The fast, as taught by holy lore, We keep in solemn course once more, The fast to all men known and bound In forty days of yearly round. The law and seers that were of old In divers ways this Lent foretold, Which Christ, all seasons' King and guide, In after ages sanctified. More sparing therefore let us make The words we speak, the … [Read more...]

Papal Message for Lent

"the Lenten journey, in which we are invited to contemplate the Mystery of the Cross, is meant to reproduce within us “the pattern of his death” (Ph 3: 10), so as to effect a deep conversion in our lives; that we may be transformed by the action of the Holy Spirit, like St. Paul on the road to Damascus; that we may firmly orient our existence according to the will of God; that we may be freed of our egoism, overcoming the instinct to dominate others and opening us to the love of Christ. The Lent … [Read more...]

The good new is…

it's been quieter around here recently.The bad news is that it's because the baby found a new hobby. … [Read more...]

A treat for your Valentine

Not to add to anyone's homemaking stress level, but nothing says Happy St. Valentine's Day more than a silky, rich, chocolate pots de creme.(Keep in mind I had a gourmet cook for a mother...this was her go-to dessert. Pots de creme pots were high priority essentials on my wedding registry list.)If you are like me and add cream to your coffee, you will have all the ingredients!Pots de Creme au Chocolate2 oz bittersweet chocolate (I use semi sweet chocolate chips if I don't have good … [Read more...]

On Kids and Boredom

Along with the discussion of providing meaningful work for little ones, I though this newsletter recently sent out by Catholic Heritage Curricula was thoughtful and also has some great ideas. I really enjoy CHC's E-newsletters, which I think can apply to bringing up children in the faith whether or not you homeschool (you can subscribe here). Also, a lot of their books could make great First Communion gifts!The Dignity of the Child and the "I'm Bored: Entertain Me" SyndromeThe dignity of the … [Read more...]

A little abstract…

But just melts my heart!Titled by the artist: A Very Boo-ti-ful Picture of Jesusby Incredibaby, 2 1/2 … [Read more...]

Meet our new friends

May I introduce you to some of our new friends?Meet Elephant and Piggie:We first met them over Thanksgiving when I blindly put a ridiculous number of books on hold so that we would have oodles to read when we were  in St. Louis visiting family. I just looked up some authors that we like and clicked away, never hitting any sort of limit. (Our main library in Texas only allows you to put 10 books on hold at a time. But they do allow you to check them out from your car window and not unload 3 … [Read more...]