“Fireproof is an excellent film that makes marriage commitment real and attainable with Christ’s grace.” ~ Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, Archbishop of LouisvilleIf anyone has trouble viewing the video above, here is a link to the website where you can view the movie trailer.Fireproof comes out today on DVD, and looks like a thought-provoking movie!  If any of our readers have seen this movie, please comment and let us know your thoughts! Read more

I was surprised to learn of other food product recalls from stores around the country!Be informed and aware… Read more

My eyes are starting to fall out from staring at booster seat explanations and statistics and reviews online… I hope you don’t mind if I take a shortcut and ask for your advice.Here’s our situation: baby Angelina is about ready for a convertible carseat. We already have two Evenflo Titan Vs which we love, but I can’t fathom getting a third, and I’m not sure if we even have room for a third in the backseat of our car (a… Read more

I thought our readers might be interested in this article by my grandfather’s cousin, who is still an active journalist at 82 years of age. Interestingly, two New York City moms were mentioned for Clinton’s New York Senate seat, Caroline Kennedy, and a current congressional Rep, Caroline Maloney (a Princeton parent). Neither of them got it. Sometimes I wonder if I will re-enter the workforce one day, and how I will answer for the large “employment” gap on my resume,… Read more

I will go to YouTube and listen to a romantic song that reminds me of our courtship and the days when I ached to be married to him… I will spend 10 minutes with my kids today looking at pictures of hilarious past adventures with him… I will be sure to remember lipstick, fragrance, and a cute outfit when he arrives home tonight… and then I will let my kids see me drop everything and hug the love of my… Read more

Today marks the 36th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision by the Supreme Court, and this article by Robert George is a brilliant reflection on what is at stake in the present battle for the lives of the unborn. Here is a short excerpt:”Of course, it is not given to us to know just how much we will, in the end, be able to achieve. Despite the triumph of the pro-abortion party in the recent elections, there is no good reason… Read more

We are the children of Roe v. Wade. One in every four members of our generation did not escape the womb, which has become the most dangerous place on earth for a human person. We will not forget. We cannot forget, because we’ve seen the ultrasound images, heard the heartbeats, and witnessed firsthand the brokenheartedness and disillusionment that abortion has caused. We will not rest until America becomes a safe place for babies and for pregnant mothers again.Youth For Life,… Read more

You watched it. You read about it. Thoughts? Read more

38 days.We were without internet for 38 days. Additionally, the outage was wholly unanticipated, so I wasn’t even able to plan for the vacuum. We are talking a total descent into chaos. I learned, in early December that I am a bonafide internet addict. What Starbucks is to B-Mama, my DSL modem is to me. Oh, except that I drink too much Starbucks as well. Being without my portal to the outside world meant several things. It meant family members… Read more

I would like to thank all of our readers for their wonderful contributions to this blog. Your comments are most welcomed and very appreciated. Unlike many other blogs, the comments here are a source of shared wisdom and support for all you wonderful, faith-filled mothers. If you do not regularly read the comments, please do! Not only the builders, but many of our readers give great insight into how we can all be better mothers and better people. Many of… Read more

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