Subtitled: What Goes On While Bean is NappingAlso subtitled: You’re Never Too Young to be Dressed Up By Bella Read more

On the second day of Christmas, “the most wonderful time of the year” gave to us:Five sleepless days and nightsFour violent stomach virusesThree cancelled Christmas partiesTwo ear infectionsAnd only one family member well enough to go to Christmas Mass (dad)I’ve never been so thankful that our faith gives us Twelve Days to celebrate Christmas! Is that God’s gift to moms or what? (Well, that and Amoxicillin of course.) Read more

The builders will be going offline for a few days as we all prepare to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child with our families.May God’s rich blessings be poured out on you and your families! Merry Christmas! Read more

Isn’t it amazing how quickly time passes from one year to the next?! I can’t believe that our little Maria was just a couple of months old last Christmas, and in the course of just one year she has grown into an active, curious, full-of-giggles little girl! Here’s a picture of Maria in Christmas of 2007 with my mom, and then one of Maria just a couple of weeks ago with me, squirming to get free so that she could… Read more

It is at times like these, particularly in seasons such as Advent and Lent, that I stand back in grateful awe of our Church’s Liturgical Calendar. The ebb and flow of days and weeks, the significance of each Sunday, the timely Mass readings, the celebrations of saints, the faithful traditions: these among so many other wonderful details do so much to draw my soul in and keep me waiting in anticipation for Christ in each season. These times make me… Read more

Here is the message, please comment if you have experience with these books or others that have been helpful:I was wondering if I could have a quick bit of advice. I am a newwife and mother who is interested in creating a vibrant Catholic homein tune with the rhythms of the liturgical year, but I am a completeneophyte when it comes to all of this. I was recently given a giftcertificate to Borders and would like to use it to… Read more

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support! We are home now and ready to enjoy a white Christmas and a January babymoon! Read more

We are in full Christmas-prep mode around here. Less than 1 week to go until the great Feast, and since Guadete Sunday we have been listening to non-stop Christmas music. I LOVE Christmas music, and there are plenty of great Christmas songs out there. A good version of O Holy Night literally makes me tear up EVERY time. But, there are few “Christmas” songs that drive me absolutely bonkers. With the help of Mr. Red, I have made a list… Read more

If, during a bout of mastitis accompanied by a 102 fever, you decide to wrap some Christmas gifts in between pumping sessions, do NOT say to yourself, “I’m too tired to go upstairs and get the gift tags…I’ll just put them on the wrapped gifts tomorrow.”Very, very bad idea. Maybe we should play white elephant this Christmas. Read more

A big congratulations to MaryAlice and family! MaryAlice gave birth to her 6th baby tonight at 11:51pm. We welcome the newest little member of her family with great joy! He has finally arrived! Read more

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