Almost perfect

Yesterday I awoke at 9am!!! to a beautiful breakfast feast: bismark donuts from my favorite bakery, omelets prepared by Mr. Red, and champagne! It is a rare treat for this mama to eat a meal prepared by someone else. Mr. Red did a fantastic, and almost perfect job.Almost.Apparently, Mr. Red left a paper towel too close to one of the burners while preparing the omelet. Later that day, just when Mr. Red started feeling good about his Mother's Day performance, my 4 year old daughter questioned … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day to our Blessed Mother

To celebrate, watch this video from Spain.And pray the rosary.Happy Mother's Day! … [Read more...]

The Dirt on bumGenius

As a follow-up to our Cloth Diaperdom discussion, I begged my friend to give us the inside scoop on her experience with the bumGenius brand of cloth diapers... and she delivered. Thank you, Jenica, for passing along your wisdom. Blessings to all on this Mother's Day!We use the All-In-One version of Bum Genius, without inserts or covers. I think they are made up of cotton, fleece and polyester with velcro tabs. They come in 4 sizes: XS, which is for use before the belly button cord falls off; S, … [Read more...]

Your husband at your side?

So what is a Dad's role during labor and delivery? Is Dad an active coach? A quiet bystander? An anxious disaster and distraction? The perfect support person? Or just another family member in the waiting room?!?When Mr. Red and I were attending law school and expecting our 2nd baby, we took a course in husband coached childbirth (the Bradley Method). One particular woman attended the course--alone. Her husband wasn't "comfortable" attending the births of their children. It was her … [Read more...]

Mom’s Salary

My husband emails me stories like this one on the compensation that a mother deserves ($117,000/year) just to get me riled up.I'm not sure which is more ridiculous...that someone is trying to quantify the value motherhood or that they think a mom only works 94 hours a week! … [Read more...]

Cloth Diaperdom

In the spirit of the recent Earth Day and some folks' desire to grow evermore "green", I wanted to pass along some personal cloth diapering insights... I wrote these to a friend who was considering the switch awhile back. The description below provides the Gasperini-Ville approach to cloth. Feel free to add your ideas in the comments! Also, I'd love to hear from users of other brands of cloth so as to have full representation across the board. Do yours leak? Are they user-friendly? Are they … [Read more...]

The Pope on the Vocation of Motherhood… Whether He Knew It Or Not

A Guest Post by AWOL Mommy (Princeton grad, former military intelligence officer and mom of a 3 year old girl and a 3 month old boy) very much in tune with the theme of this blog, Building Cathedrals, and this month, May, dedicated to Mary.I just finished reading Peter Seewald's 1996 interview with (then) Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and I was struck by the applicability of his words to our vocation as mothers. Specifically, the Pope describes the "theology of littleness" as "a basic category of … [Read more...]

Prenatal Diagnosis – A Follow-Up

I posted this in the "comments" section of Red's last posting, but thought I would make it into a posting of its own...Elizabeth, you touch on a great point; prenatal diagnosis comes with its own set of blessings and curses. We, like Red, had a daughter with anencephaly, which is a neural tube defect that prevents the brain from developing as it should. Anencephaly is an untreatable and fatal condition, so we knew that our daughter would die either at birth or shortly after birth. We found out … [Read more...]

“I see perfection”

I heard about this touching story over the weekend. Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin gave birth to her 5th child, a son, Trig Paxon Van Palin, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome during Palin's pregnancy."I'm looking at him right now, and I see perfection," Palin said. "Yeah, he has an extra chromosome. I keep thinking, in our world, what is normal and what is perfect?"Amen.But unfortunately, most parents do not share her sentiments, and sadly most will not choose life for their child. Over 90% … [Read more...]

Congratulations Juris Mater!

SHE has arrived! A big Congratulations to Juris Mater and her family on the arrival of their newest baby GIRL!!!! Mother and baby are doing well. Here are baby's "stats":9 lbs. 5 oz.21 1/2 inches longMay 1st at 5:29pmAnd a big Congratulations to Kat, who correctly predicted the baby would be born on May 1st--much earlier than anyone expected, including Juris Mater. Kat's intuition was so strong that she even called me at 5:30 asking if Juris Mater had delivered the baby. Go Kat! … [Read more...]