Gianna is involved with a homeschool Co-op. The Co-op meets every Friday morning. At the end of the year, the Co-op has a “spotlight” night where the students show off their hard work from the semester. My daughter’s preschool class displayed, among other things, simple questionnaires (with answers). Below I’ve reproduced the answers that one child gave:Did you know that 96% of school age children recognize Ronald McDonald? Only Santa Claus ranks higher.I read Fast Food Nation back in January…. Read more

Ok, this is not exactly a deep Gospel commentary, but I have reached a huge stepping stone.I wear make-up to go to mass.I hate make-up. I was as reluctant to wear it to prom as I am now. I hate the way it feels. I am much more inclined to go for a run than to go to a fasion show.But…an in utero baby sitting on a nerve that allows only 45 minutes of sleep at a time, plus three… Read more

When ET and I were on our honeymoon in Vancouver, we went to daily mass at a wonderful little Catholic church down the road. Over the course of the week, we got to know a wonderful older married couple, and we are still in touch via “snail mail” to this day. As we said good-bye on our last day in Vancouver, they gave us a wonderful gift: a plaque that’s meant to hang in a window, with the following prayer… Read more

A field, a frolic, a tumble. Read more

A reader writes:I was wondering if you would post information or discussion about vaccinations or what you have learned with your kiddies. I wrestled with my first one about them and after research, prayer, and conversation decided to continue with them. Lately, I have some friends who are very ANTI-vaccine and have pushed the issue with me. I have heard a lot lately in the media with the link to autism and then was sent this article today (article omitted)…. Read more

If you are not already reading them, I would really recommend the book series Conversations with God. These books give short (2-3 pages) reflections on the mass readings and related themes for each day of the liturgical year, with quotes from church fathers and great Catholic thinkers and lots of real life advice. As a busy mom, this is a great way to get some spiritual reading in most days even when time is very short, and since things are… Read more

Pope Benedict arrives tomorrow. When he lands, President Bush will greet him at the airstrip. He is the first head of state the President will greet at the airstrip. Here is a transcript of the interview of President Bush about the Papal visit, courtesy of Raymond Arroyo, News Anchor for EWTN Global Catholic Network.Enjoy!UPDATE: For those of you interested in the video, rather than just the transcript, click here. Read more

Edited to add another picture of the cake This weekend we had the great joy of baptising our son. A small group of family members gathered in the chapel of our Church after the Mass for Good Shepherd Sunday, and there our son was given his name and was baptised, anointed and clothed in Christ. Afterwards, we had a little luncheon and cake, which the kids kept calling “Leo’s wedding cake.” When my children are baptised I am mindful of… Read more

I can’t imagine a child who’s more into dressing up and costumes than my almost 3-year-old Bella. She’s also HIGHLY opinionated about fashion and loves animals. Why was I surprised when, after I put on a light blue late-maternity top that barely covers my 38 week belly, she was ecstatic to note, “oh Mommy, great, you’re wearing your whale costume today!”Do your kids ever have just the right things to say to make you feel like a million bucks? Read more

What type of Parenting Philosophy would this fall under? 🙂 (This is not a Rick Astley video, I promise.) Read more

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