Papal Visit

Pope Benedict arrives tomorrow. When he lands, President Bush will greet him at the airstrip. He is the first head of state the President will greet at the airstrip. Here is a transcript of the interview of President Bush about the Papal visit, courtesy of Raymond Arroyo, News Anchor for EWTN Global Catholic Network.Enjoy!UPDATE: For those of you interested in the video, rather than just the transcript, click here. … [Read more...]


Edited to add another picture of the cake This weekend we had the great joy of baptising our son. A small group of family members gathered in the chapel of our Church after the Mass for Good Shepherd Sunday, and there our son was given his name and was baptised, anointed and clothed in Christ. Afterwards, we had a little luncheon and cake, which the kids kept calling "Leo's wedding cake." When my children are baptised I am mindful of the fact that I am choosing the Church for them now, but … [Read more...]

Beached Whale

I can’t imagine a child who’s more into dressing up and costumes than my almost 3-year-old Bella. She’s also HIGHLY opinionated about fashion and loves animals. Why was I surprised when, after I put on a light blue late-maternity top that barely covers my 38 week belly, she was ecstatic to note, “oh Mommy, great, you’re wearing your whale costume today!”Do your kids ever have just the right things to say to make you feel like a million bucks? … [Read more...]

Parenting Style

What type of Parenting Philosophy would this fall under? :-) (This is not a Rick Astley video, I promise.) … [Read more...]

Pope Benedict’s US Visit

The USCCB has a great website devoted to the Holy Father's visit to the United States next week. There is a "Teaching Resources" section that has lesson plan ideas by grade. Just in case anyone is interested! Dash always gets so excited to see the Pope on TV. There is also a new blog called First Heralds to check out about teaching toddlers about the Catholic faith. … [Read more...]

Touching on Parenting Philosophies…with my fist :-)

Alright, I’m going to take the parenting philosophy discussion to the next level. While I like the basic premise of Danielle Bean and others that we should all “do what works for our family,” I’m going to dare to say that the full-blown AP approach is actually harmful to families and should not be practiced by good Catholic parents. (Gasp!) Before I proceed, please allow me to emphasize that I do not speak on behalf of the other builders or anyone else with whom I am associated, except my husba … [Read more...]

Loving Him Anyway: Part 2

For those of you who have been tracking with us for a little while, you may remember my woes with our beloved three-year-old, "M", just weeks ago. I had been pushed beyond my motherly threshold with his frustrating defiance and stubborn resistance. In return, you all offered gracious advice and reassurance, to which I clung during the woeful hours. Thank you again for passing along your wisdom.And as in all things with motherhood, I'm here to report change. Wonderful change. Within a week of … [Read more...]

Touching on Parenting Philosophies… with a Ten Foot Pole

Rather than hash out which way is The One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Parenting Philosophy (I think it takes about 2 minutes of motherhood to convince any sensible woman that there's no One True Way for every family), maybe we can do it this way... what is your parenting philosophy and why does it work great for you?Personally I lean heavily toward routines, and I was this way from the beginning. My epiphany came, as most of my epiphanies do, on the stairmaster in the gym. I was 7 or so … [Read more...]

FYI: Cord Blood Banking

Many of you are aware of cord blood banking as decision parents can make following the birth of a child. Umbilical cord blood, containing rich stem cells, is stored for a fee, almost as a form of future health insurance in the case a family member should develop an illness treatable by stem cells.I found the following list of pros/cons (taken from the BabyCenter website) regarding cord blood banking to be very informative and wanted to pass it on. We have never banked any of our children's cord … [Read more...]

Paying it Forward

During this first year of "real" homeschooling I have been blessed with several resources that have really helped me to maintain a (more or less) cheerful attitude with my children. One has been a place called Orly's Treehouse, where there is a children's playcenter attached to a gym and salon. Since February, I have been going there for weekly manicures, and I have to say it is $12 extremely well spent, as I come out feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the weekend with my family. We then … [Read more...]