Clement of Alexandria

Yesterday (December 5) was, in the Episcopal Church Calendar, the feast of Clement of Alexandria. Clement was removed from the Roman Catholic Calendar in the late sixteenth century, but the Anglicans have given him no such demotion. Regardless of whether Clement deserves to be seen as a saint or not, he has been acknowledged as one of the earliest of Christian mystics.Born in the middle of the second century, Clement lived some 170 years after Philo; that not-quite-two-centuries was a … [Read more...]

Final Thoughts About Philo

I finished reading Philo today. The last third of the book didn't particularly grab me—with eighty pages of Philo's ethical thought, followed by what he had to say about the role Moses and Israel play on the stage of world history. What emerges is that, no matter how splendid his mystical vision may have been, Philo remained very much a man of his time—which is to say, his thought suffers from a harsh dualism, chauvinism, and an almost adolescent assurance of his own rightness. Again … [Read more...]

Sparkle the Dark Up

Every year on December 1, I play what is far and away my favorite secular song for the holidays: December will be Magic Again by Kate Bush. Rhiannon and I listened to it this morning while I was helping her brush her teeth and get ready for her school bus to pick her up. It's a hard track to find—the easiest way to get it on CD is to purchase the Kate Bush box set This Woman's Work which I bought at the Piccadilly Circus Tower Records in 1990 for £99! If you are more sensible with your money th … [Read more...]