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A Contemplative Faith explores Christianity from a contemplative perspective—celebrating a spirituality grounded in traditional practices such as meditation, silent prayer, daily formal prayer (the “Divine Office”) and the meditative/prayerful reading of scripture (Lectio Divina).

Many Christian contemplatives such as Thomas Merton, Bede Griffiths and Hugo Enomiya-Lassalle have been deeply informed by the wisdom of traditions such as Zen and Tibetan Buddhism. While one does not need to engage in interfaith exploration in order to be a Christian contemplative (or vice versa), this blog celebrates both the heritage of Christian contemplation and the insight of interfaith exploration as doorways to a deeper spirituality for today.

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Carl McColman is the author of numerous books on the spiritual life, including

His writing combines a deep love for classic spiritual wisdom —from the great contemplatives and mystics of Christianity as well as other faiths — with a down-to-earth, accessible approach to spirituality today.

Carl first learned the practice of contemplative prayer at the Shalem Institute in Washington, DC. Since 2006 he has been a Lay Cistercian of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit — a layperson under the spiritual guidance of Trappist monks.

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Carl often leads retreats or teaches classes on spirituality at monasteries, churches and seminaries. He also regularly teaches classes in creative non-fiction writing and journaling as a spiritual practice.

Carl balances his commitment to the Christian faith with a deep love and respect for interfaith dialogue and interspirituality. For a number of years as an adult he studied Celtic and Nature-centered spirituality, and some of his older books are written from that perspective.

Carl lives near Stone Mountain, Georgia, with his wife and stepdaughter.

Giving a talk on Celtic spirituality at the Hill of Tara in Ireland.

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