CBB Review: The Love That Made Mother Teresa

Review by  Julie Abell I remember the moment I heard about Mother Teresa dying. I was nursing my brand new baby, my first-born. I did not know much about her at the time and until I read this book, The Love that Made Mother Teresa I still did not know much even though she was just canonized on September 4th.   So I picked up this book and endeavored to learn about this saint who was on this earth up until… Read more

The angels are evangelists too; Angels: Day 166

Origen suggests that, if  we call the Gospel writers evangelists (a Greek word that means “messengers of good news”),  then surely we ought to call the angels evangelists as well, since they were the first who brought the good news. If there are some people who are honored with the ministry of evange- lists, and if Jesus himself brings news of good things and preaches the Gospel to the poor, surely those messengers who were made spirits by God, those who are… Read more

God passed the angels to become one of use; Angels: Day 165

Why  did it take the whole Old Testament to prepare humanity for Christ? Simply because the truth of  the Incarnation was so incomprehensibly wonderful, says St. John Chrysostom. God passed by all the orders of angels to become a lowly human being. The truth of the Incarnation was very hard to receive. God’s extraordinary mercy and the greatness of his condescension were simply amazing, and needed much preparation to be accepted. God is indescribable, unintelligible, invisible, incomprehensible. He holds the… Read more

CBB Interview with Sonja Corbitt

Sonja erupted on the scene early last spring with her explosive book, Unleashed, where she shared how the Holy Spirit is freeing her from her patterns of toxic relationships, self-medicating habits, awful circumstances, and overwhelming desires. Now she’s showing up everywhere. Her 13-episode Unleashed TV series, perfect for study groups, aired weekly on CatholicTV. Soon after, her radio show Bible Study Evangelista launched on Breadbox Media, (previously named Pursuing the Summit) on which Sonja offers 6-8 week Bible study series. You can… Read more

Christ was made man, not angel; Angels: Day 164

St. Gregory the Great says that Christ was made man because he came to save us, not the fallen angels. By not taking on their nature, he rejected Satan and his followers. Our old enemy does actually see the coming of the Redeemer. But, because he is restricted by the darkness of his pride, he never comes back to pardon with the elect. This is why it is written, “For surely it is not with angels that he is concerned but… Read more

Angels will proclaim the gospels to the end; Angels: Day 163

In Origen’s time, some heretical sects said that the God of the Old Testament was not the same as the God of  the New. But Origen says there is only one gospel, and angels will proclaim it to every nation even to the end of time. But the beginning of the gospel is nothing but the whole Old Testament. John (the Baptist) is, in this respect, a type of the Old Testament, or, if we regard the connection of the New Testament… Read more

The Old Testament and New Testaments agree; Angels: Day 162

In the two Seraphim Isaiah saw in the heavenly court, St. Augustine sees a symbol of the two Testaments of Scripture—both of them singing “Holy,  holy, holy” in perfect tune. Hear this as well: “Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth” (Ps. 50:2). The psalm clearly agrees with the Gospel, which says, “to all na- tions, beginning from Jerusalem” (Luke 24:47). “Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty” means that the beauty of his gospel begins there. From… Read more

Don’t blame the Devil for your sin; Angels: Day 161

It’s true that the devil tempts us to sin, says St. Cyril of  Jerusalem. But the sin itself  is entirely our own doing. We have the power to give in or to resist. But you may say, “What can sin be? Is it a living thing? An angel? An evil spirit? What is this working inside us?” It is not an enemy from outside fighting with you, but a shoot of evil growing from inside you. “Let your eyes look directly… Read more

Angels suggest, but we choose; Angels: Days 160

Quoting two very early Christian writers, Origen tells us that an evil angel might suggest an evil thought, and a good angel a good thought. But in either case we have free will: we can choose to do evil or good. That certain thoughts are suggested to our hearts either by good or evil angels, is shown both by the angel that accompanied Tobias (in the book of Tobit), and by the language of the prophet, where he says, “The angel… Read more

Sinners are Satan’s grave; Angels: Day 159

When our sins let Satan into our hearts, says St. Gregory the Great, our hearts become so many graves for the doomed spirit, who is bound for eternal death— and ready to take us with him. There is a great difference between the natures of human beings and angels. But those who are bound together by one and the same guilt in sin are caught in the same punishment. The prophet conveys this in a few short words when he says, “Assyria… Read more

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