Entertaining angels; Angels: Day 081

Entertaining angels“Some  have entertained angels unawares”:  the  only  way to do that,  says St. John Chrysostom,  is to show  hospitality  to the poor and insignificant. In entertaining them,  we may  entertain angels, and we certainly entertain Christ himself.It is worthwhile to ask this here: Why did the rich man see Lazarus, not in company with any other of the just, but in the bosom of Abraham?Abraham was hospitable; the rich man saw Lazarus there as a rebuke to his own inhospi … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Kevin Lowry

Kevin Lowry is a convert to Catholicism and the son of a former Presbyterian minister. He and his wife Kathi met at Franciscan University, where they discovered the richness and beauty of the faith. After spending time as spiritual nomads, the couple met Scott and Kimberly Hahn, and faced the inevitable. They entered the Catholic Church at Easter Vigil, 1992.Kevin and Kathi have eight children and live in the Columbus, Ohio area. Kevin was with a large CPA firm for many years before taking … [Read more...]

Imitate Abraham’s hospitality; Angels: Day 080

Imitate Abraham's hospitalitySt. John Chrysostom  tells his flock to look actively for opportunities to help strangers or foreigners in need—not  only for the benefit of  the strangers, but even more for their own benefit. By seeking out strangers, Abraham  entertained angels.The patriarch didn’t know that he was entertaining angels, but he entertained them. We should be ashamed of ourselves!There he was sitting at midday in a foreign land, where he had no property, not so much as to … [Read more...]

When angels speak, God speaks; Angels: Day 079

When angels speak, God speaksWhen one of God’s messengers speaks, says St. Augustine, the words come from God himself. Angels do not announce anything but what God wills  them to announce.When the clerk proclaims the words of the judge, it is not usually written in the record, “The clerk said this and this,” but “The judge said this and this.”When Abraham’s son was ordered to be sacrificed, this is what we read: “After these things God tested Abraham, and said to him, ‘Abraham!’ And h … [Read more...]

God gave us and the angels free will; Angels: Day 078

God gave us and the angels free willSt. Justin Martyr says that God gave us and the angels free will so that we could choose righteousness. God, who is omniscient, knows ahead of time that some of his creatures will choose evil, but that does not mean he created them for evil. Their own wills have acted freely in choosing it.God wanted human beings and angels to follow his will. So he resolved to create them free to do what was righteous. He gave them reason, so that they could know by … [Read more...]

CBB Giveaway: These Beautiful Bones AND How God Hauled Me Kicking and Screaming Into the Catholic Church

This week we have another TWO titles to give away! One lucky winner will receive a copy of  How God Hauled Me Kicking and Screaming Into the Catholic Church by Kevin Lowry,  sponsored by Our Sunday Visitor (you can read my review here) and one copy of These Beautiful Bones by Emily Stimpson, sponsored by Emmaus Road Publishing (you can read Mishele's review here). I use Rafflecopter to run my giveaways which makes it simple for you and me! Enter below.a Rafflecopter giveaway … [Read more...]