Dodger Stadium to host ‘joyous’ pro-life youth event

Los Angeles, Calif., Sep 30, 2012 / 05:23 pm (CNA).- An “upbeat” pro-life event this November at Dodger Stadium will bring together teen speakers, professional athletes, celebrities, musicians and religious leaders to encourage young people to “go to bat for life” and become outspoken pro-life advocates.“Young people speaking to young people is what will make our event unique – along with a joyous tone that will convey the beauty, fun and normalcy of being … [Read more...]

Pope: Rejoice when non-Catholics do good

Castel Gandolfo, Italy, Sep 30, 2012 / 01:19 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Benedict XVI says that Catholics should be delighted whenever non-Catholics do what is good or embrace what is true.“Members of the Church should not feel jealousy, but rejoice if someone from outside the community does good in the name of Christ, provided this is done with right intention and with respect,” he said during his Sept. 30 Angelus address at Castel Gandolfo.The Pope was reflecting on the Sunday … [Read more...]

No actor’s life for him

Arlington, Va., Sep 30, 2012 / 01:07 pm (CNA).- Oscar Wilde once famously said, “I love acting. It is so much more real than life.”An actor was what 53-year-old Mike Garcia always had wanted to be, and he realized his dream by earning Screen Actors Guild and Actors’ Equity cards that gave him access to paying jobs.Garcia was born to Fred and Stella Garcia in Alexandria and raised in Arlington Forest. His parents were both first-generation Americans. He was the fifth of … [Read more...]

Church remembers Carthusian monastic founder St. Bruno Oct. 6

Denver, Colo., Sep 30, 2012 / 07:08 am (CNA/EWTN News).- On Oct. 6, the Catholic Church commemorates Saint Bruno of Cologne, founder of the Carthusian order of monks who remain notable for their strictly traditional and austere rule of contemplative life.Born in 1030, Bruno is said to have belonged to a prominent family in the city of Cologne. Little is known of his early years, except that he studied theology in the present-day French city of Reims before returning to his native land, where … [Read more...]

Former abortion clinic workers detail conversion stories

Washington D.C., Sep 29, 2012 / 05:03 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- At a recent conference in Illinois, former abortion workers told the stories of the work that they once thought was helping women, and how they were converted to the pro-life position. “We wanted to better understand the mindset of people who work in the abortion industry,” said conference planner Ann Scheidler, who serves as the vice president of the Pro-Life Action League. She told CNA that the purpose of the … [Read more...]

Immigration policy opening doors for young people

Providence, R.I., Sep 29, 2012 / 01:00 pm (CNA).- For the last few years, since learning he had entered the United States illegally as a young child, Luis Lucario has lived with the fear that at any time, he could be discovered and deported back to Mexico, separating him from his family here.The 19-year-old is but one of a population of young, undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. estimated to number in the hundreds of thousands.With the enactment of a new U.S. Citizenship and … [Read more...]

Mountain of evidence revealed as trial of Pope’s butler begins

Vatican City, Sep 29, 2012 / 09:20 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The trial of the Pope Benedict XVI’s former butler began this morning at the Vatican as the 46-year-old Paolo Gabriele faced charges that he stole confidential Vatican documents.Gabriele made no plea and remained silent throughout his appearance before a panel of three judges in the Vatican courtroom on Sept. 29. Wearing a light grey suit, eyewitnesses say Gabriele’s demeanor varied from tense to jovial.The hearing lasted … [Read more...]