Podcast #39: Stewart Versus Cramer

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This Week: Ben and Rich set out to discuss a lot more, but end up spending the whole podcast talking about the debate between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer. Mainly we touch upon the validity of The Daily Show, the nature of satire, and the folly of CNBC.

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  • Louise Green

    I don’t understand why ya’ll think Jon Stewart was unfair. I didn’t see this show of “Stewart Versus Cramer”. Was this on the regular “Daily Show”?In my opinion Jon Stewart tries to get across his views with satire. If you go on his show, I would think you would be very prepared because you would expect that. His show isn’t a joke even though it’s funny.
    I think if you choose to go on a show like that, you should know what you’re getting into.
    It sounds like Cramer was irresponsible in his advice to vulnerable people, and if so, he should be called on the carpet for it. Jesus got angry at the money changers in the temple. Righteous indignation is good sometimes.
    I understand what ya’ll are saying about being a good Christian. Kindness and consideration are essential, and I hope I wouldn’t treat some one with such disdain in normal circumstances. I do,however, think there is a place for satire.

  • Louise, we’ll address this more in depth on the next podcast.

  • Your podcast raised a number of thought-provoking arguments and ideas. It’s interesting to hear two thinkers exchange ideas.

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