Podcast #41: Ben and Rich are Chums Again

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This Week: Those of you expecting another fight are out of luck. But you will hear the exciting conclusion to the Ben versus Rich epic! Hint: mud-wrestling. Also, we discuss NBC’s Kings, casual video-game Peggle, and the death of print. Also, we list our Top 5 Favorite Pop Culture Sources! (links to those sources, in no particular order so as not to spoil the fun, after the break)

Every week, Richard Clark and Ben Bartlett sit back and discuss the posts of the previous week on Christ and Pop Culture, acknowledge and respond to the big issues in popular culture, and give a sneak peak at the week ahead. We love feedback! If you’d like to respond you can comment on the website, send an email to christandpopculture@gmail.com, or go to our contact page. We would love to respond to feedback on the show, so do it now! Subscribe to us in iTunes by clicking here. While you’re at it, give us some good iTunes feedback! We’ll love you forever!

Rich and Ben’s Favorite Pop-Culture Sources

Arts and Letters Daily

The “Smart” Gaming Blogs – Brainy Gamer, Pixel Vixen, Versus Clu Clu Land, Insult Sword Fighting, Hit Self Destruct
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  • There are, essentially, a small handful of places I look as pop-culture sources.

    First and foremost, PopURLs. PopURLs functions as an aggregator for aggregators. It’s frontpage holds about 25 items from each of Digg, Reddit (which has seen better days), Delicious (same there too), MeFi, Flikr, youTube, Technoratie, Google News, NY Times (stupid sub-service), Wired, Slashdot, etc. Everyday holds a mine of information that one couldn’t possibly have the time to sift through. Still, despite the fact that it skews based on popularity from netizens, I find it a good source for the things that pop in our culture.

    Other than that, I seek specific sites for particular interests.

    For comics news, I read The Beat (and Comics Should Be Good). For videogames, I read The Escapist (and whatever Tycho’s saying every other day). I don’t keep up with film, tv, music, or lit news anymore so much.

    The Danes last blog post..20090403

  • As far as Y: The Last Man? Rich, you should read it. I reviewed it here and you can read the first chapter online for free on Vertigo/DC’s site. This is one of a small handful of comics stories I give people to show them what rad comics are all about.

    Read that first chapter and tell me the book doesn’t sound fascinating.

    The Danes last blog post..20090403

  • p.s. The Monk thinks this is the best image for any of your articles.

    The Danes last blog post..20090406.outOfControl

  • Hey guys,
    I have been listening to your podcast for a long time and I am so
    in love with it. Your podcast along with two others has gotten my
    friends and I to start our own podcast – its kinda mostly about
    popular culture and things like that. We are really cynical but I
    think it works. We need a little bit of help though, we don’t have
    much of a format and we only have about 200 regular listeners at this
    point. Um, we were just sorta wondering if there is any chance you
    guys could listen to us, maybe give us some feedback and maybe if you
    like us you can mention us on your own podcast. We would be more than
    happy to give you a shout out as well. Please let me know. Keep up the
    great work, it feels like its been sooo long since your last show.

    – The Cult of Personality Podcast.

    (P.S. Dont start with the first episode. its kidna raw…)