Podcast #73: The Games

Which is more meaningful? Video games, or the Olympic games? Rich argues that recent video games have broken new ground in areas of subject matter, character development, and emotional resonance. After they talk about that for a while, Ben and Rich try and figure out if there’s anything noteworthy to talk about concerning the Olympic games. Like maybe curling?

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  • http://goannatree.blogspot.com Goannatree

    Why don’t you guys look at some of the media coverage surrounding the “clean-living lifestyles” of the gold and silver medalists in the women’s half-pipe….this has been making news in Australia and the UK as being notable for the “normally hard-living” reputation of snowboarders.

  • http://www.christandpopculture.com/ Richard Clark

    Weird, I haven’t heard anything about that. Link?