Podcast #82: Deconstructing The Double Down

When KFC unveiled the Double Down – two fried chicken patties that encompass cheese and bacon – the world feigned surprise and shock. But really, what separates this from the Bacinator, the Big Mac, and any other myriad of fast food that we eat on a daily basis? And what does all of this normalized unhealthy eating mean for us? We take the issue of food head on in this episode.

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  • Aside to your ‘cast, I’m not really sure why the Double Down is taking as much heat as it is. If anything, it may actually be healthier than a common meal at KFC. Or at worst, not as bad. Here:

    If I go to KFC and get a three-piece meal, that’s three heavily breaded pieces of chicken (dark meat in my case), mashed potatoes that certainly don’t taste healthy, and a biscuit (which may be the least healthy thing on the menu).

    If I get the Double-Down, that’s only two pieces of chicken* (white meat) as opposed to three, two slices of jack cheese, and two probably scrawny pieces of bacon (which can’t be worse for you than the biscuit).

    So in the end, by getting a meal, you’re probably eating worse than if you get a Double-Down. Granted, if you’re eating a meal at KFC, health is probably not at the top of your list of priorities at that particular moment.
    *note: also, these are not patties, but fillets.

  • Yeah, I think you’re right. I think it’s the brazenness that has people so shocked. Also, it just looks gross. So it’s the perfect opportunity to get all up in arms about an unhealthy thing that we “would never eat.”

  • Yeah, I thought about trying one and then saw it had pepper jack on it. No thanks…

  • I think we are merely surprised by the fact that fried chicken has been used in place of bread.

  • My first thought was, Man, that would be soooo greasy on my fingers… And then I remembered that you use your hands to eat their drumsticks too. And so yes, every meal there is greasy on your fingers.